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About Us
About Us

Shrewsbury Colleges Group is an NUS recognised College and our Student Voice representatives have a demonstrable impact on developing the student experience on all of our campuses. The Student Council runs student-related events and fundraises for local and national charities. It has a budget, which it can spend on improving the College environment for students and helping students set up groups and societies.

At Shrewsbury Colleges Group we value your input and offer plenty of opportunities for you to get your voice heard:

  • Students Council: Shrewsbury Colleges Group will work with the Students’ Council as its primary method of engagement with students
  • Student Governors: Student Governors are a vital part of the College’s Student Voice. Student Governors are full members of the Corporation and use their experiences as students to help shape the Corporation’s decision-making. We have a download to tell you more about being a Student Governor or you can visit our College Governance section for more information
  • Student Representation: Officers will be elected to the Students Council annually that are representative of the student body. Curriculum Forums will be held termly in each school to allow student representatives to meet with school management teams
  • Student Services: All students are welcomed at the helpdesk to share compliments and complaints.

What our students say

Our students have the opportunity to give us feedback through both the Induction Survey and Exit Survey. Here are some of the questions they answered and the percentage who agreed:

  • When I first got in touch with the College the help I got was good. 96%
  • When I applied my application was dealt with promptly. 96%
  • I received the information I needed to start at College. 95%
  • I feel I am doing the right qualification(s) 97%
  • I have been told how my work will be assessed and marked. 95%
  • The teaching/training on my course overall is good. 98%
  • I am helped to learn how to use my time and how to study independently. 93%
  • I feel comfortable in the College environment. 97%
  • I understand what I could do after my course finishes. 93%
  • I would recommend my course to a friend. 96%

Statistics taken from Student Perception of College Survey, October 2017