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SCG Awards

SCG Awards

Welcome to our Annual SCG Awards page

This special event formally recognises the outstanding accomplishments of our previous year’s students, through a range of awards.

In previous years, students have joined family, friends and College staff as well as local dignitaries, for an evening of celebration. The awards event incorporates a "Winners Roll Call" where acknowledgements are read out and certificates, trophies and cheques presented. 

This year we’re not letting social distancing stop us celebrating - so we’ve taken our annual celebration online!

Trophies and certificates have been posted out to our winners and some of them have sent us their own mini awards acceptance speeches!

Join with us in congratulating them on their success. We hope they’re as proud of their accomplishments as we are at SCG!


Lowri Page

Biology Student of the Year

Meticulous approach to her studies and left no stone unturned in her preparation for assessment

Previous School

The Corbet School

Now Studying

Kings College London - Global Health & Social Medicine

SCG Awards trophy for Lowri Page

Maddison Jones

Business Student of the Year

Has all the personal qualities and pure determination that will be required to become a successful teacher

Previous School

The Marches School

Now Studying

University of Chester - Primary Education (5-11) with QTS

SCG Awards trophy for Maddison Jones

Heidi Schacht

Chemistry & Applied Science Student of the Year

A ‘brave’ chemist, in that she loved a challenge, and was prepared to give the most complex questions a good go

Previous School

Grove School

Now Studying

University of Liverpool - Biochemistry

SCG Awards trophy for Heidi Schacht

Tejvir Sohi

Computing & I.T. Student of the Year

The go-to person in his cohort, respected by tutors and fellow students

Previous School

Charlton School

Now Studying

Degree Apprenticeship -

SCG Awards trophy for Tejvir Sohi

Tom Twigg

Construction (Carpentry & Joinery) Student of the Year

Methodical and committed to producing high-quality Carpentry & Joinery

Previous School

Lakelands Academy

Now Studying

Apprenticeship – Shingler Construction

SCG Awards trophy for Tom Twigg

Andrew Taylor

Construction (Plumbing) Student of the Year

It would be a travesty if Andrew Taylor did not end up in the industry

SCG Awards trophy for Andrew Taylor

Tia Love

Earth Sciences Student of the Year

Her ability to explain ideas and willingness to support her peers enhanced the performance of other students

Previous School

The Priory School

Now Studying

The University of Manchester - Pharmacology

Read Tia's acceptance speech

I would like to thank my teacher Teresa for being the best teacher in the world, and an absolute angel. I feel very proud of myself and I loved the geography course at Shrewsbury Colleges Group, where I had some of the best days of my life.

I am currently at the University of Manchester studying Pharmacology and I aim to go in to research following my degree. Thanks again!

Tia Love holding her SCG Awards trophy

Alexander Thompson

Engineering & Motor Vehicle Student of the Year

Continually showed us he was the strongest all-rounder in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude

Previous School


Now Studying

Starting own business

SCG Awards trophy for Alexander Thompson

Cameron Mackie

English Student of the Year

An excellent and highly motivated student who made the most of her substantial academic potential

Previous School

William Brookes School

Now Studying

University College London - English

SCG Awards trophy for Cameron Mackie

Lana Glover

Health & Social Care Student of the Year

Performed outstandingly and also impressed professionals with her depth of knowledge

Previous School

Shrewsbury Academy

Now Studying

Staffordshire University - Midwifery

SCG Award winner Lana Glover

Andy Balmer

Higher Education Student of the Year

His attention to detail was excellent and he still found time to help his peers with difficult scientific concepts

Now Studying

Working at H P Carpentry & Joinery Ltd

SCG Awards trophy for Andy Balmer

Melissa Croxford

Humanities Student of the Year

Willing to put in extra hours of revision, extra sessions and attempt extra work, a role model for what can be achieved

Previous School

Belvidere School

Now Studying

Manchester University - History

SCG Awards trophy for Melissa Croxford

Rose Barnes

Maths Student of the Year

Very talented, hardworking and popular student who was always willing to take on a challenge

Previous School

Adcote School for Girls

Now Studying

University of Bath - Mathematics

SCG Awards trophy for Rose Barnes

Jack Cole

Media Student of the Year

Showed palpable zest and enthusiasm for the subject right from the start

Previous School

Church Stretton School

Now Studying

Gap year > University

Ben Gough

Modern Foreign Languages Student of the Year

Growing from a quiet, reserved student, to someone who actively participated in all discussions with great insight

Previous School

The Corbet School

Now Studying

Southampton University - Modern Foreign Languages

SCG Awards trophy for Ben Gough

Charlie Braddick

Performance Arts Student of the Year

Met all of his deadlines, helped others to meet theirs and achieved highly overall, being accepted onto a competitive course.

Previous School

Caereinion High School

Now Studying

LIPA - Sound Engineering

Leo Maden

Physics, Computing and Electronics Student of the Year

One of the most talented computer science students the department has ever seen

Previous School

Charlton School

Now Studying

Cambridge University - Engineering

SCG Awards trophy for Leo Maden

Madeleine Joyce

Political Sciences Student of the Year

Setting a fantastic example to others she achieved an A* through perseverance and hard work

Previous School

Belvidere School

Now Studying

Gap year legal work > University

SCG Awards trophy for Madeleine Joyce

Edward Chinn

Preparation Routes Student of the Year

was passionate about the work he carried out and did everything to a very high standard

Previous School

Priory School

Now Studying

SCG - Level 2 Hospitality

SCG Awards trophy for Edward Chinn

Daisy Murray

Professional Services Student of the Year

Started on a Level 1 Hairdressing course and was quickly moved to a Level 2 course because of her skills and conscientious approach to learning - she gained a distinction.

Previous School

Burton Borough School

Now Studying

Full Time Employment - Elements Hair & Beauty, Priorslee

SCG Awards trophy for Daisy Murray

Jake Brown

Social Sciences Student of the Year

An exceptional social scientist. His critical analysis skills were mature and highly sophisticated

Previous School

The Priory School

Now Studying

York University - Psychology

SCG Awards trophy for Jake Brown

Lizzie Lancett-Edwards

Sport, Outdoor and Public Services Student of the Year

An excellent example to all students regarding continuous exam practise and that drive outside of college really does work

Previous School

Church Stretton School

Now Studying

Oxford Brookes - Sport Science

SCG Awards trophy for Lizzie Lancett-Edwards

Dominic Gallagher

Visual Art 2D Student of the Year

Highly creative and innovative work that combined technical skills developed from across all of his studies

Previous School

The Corbet School

Now Studying

SCG - Level 3/4 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

Read Dominic's acceptance speech

“Thank You for this award. Although this award is for the graphics work I produced, I'm very appreciative for the time, patience and support I received from my teachers in all my A Level subjects.
I accredit a lot of my creative processes and perspectives to the skills, theories and ideologies I learnt in photography, film studies and graphics. I'm very happy to have talented friends that participated in the creative processes of idea development. I believe these relationships I formed with talented people were especially unique to Shrewsbury as they helped me grow my work in a fun, safe, space.

The freedom and encouragement we gained from these creative environments allowed us to explore lots of different ideas regardless of their quality and logistical possibility, which definitely gave me the confidence and ambition to improve and evolve my work across all mediums and subjects.

I'm very lucky that my teachers trusted me to do things in my own way. I knew that if I concentrated and pursued the work I wanted to create, I would succeed in my A Levels and having their support at every step of the way helped me realise my own potential.

The skills I learnt in college built the foundations for the work I create now, whether that’s for my clothing brand Smown, my music, illustration or graphics. All of this stemmed from the support I was given during my two-and-a-half years in college.

Lastly but mostly, I want to thank myself because I'm the one who got the award and put the effort in across all my subjects, sacrificing the entire year and dedicating it to achieve the best grades I could get.
*mic drop*”

SCG Awards trophy for Dominic Gallagher

Rachel Derricutt

Visual Art 3D Student of the Year

Her major coursework project was beautifully and thoughtfully designed and skilfully put together

Previous School

The Grove School

Now Studying

Leeds University - Architectural Engineering

SCGRachel Derricutt next to her Awards trophy

James Bernasconi

Adult Student of the Year

His creative and academic growth was a real triumph and an example to us all

Now Studying

Wolverhampton University

SCG Awards trophy for James Bernasconi

Max Ashton-Stockley

Success Against the Odds

Tried his best every single day and would always get involved in external projects and other events

Now Studying

Middlesex University - Film

SCG Awards trophy for Max Ashton-Stockley

Dominic Hall

Outstanding Contribution

Came to SCG knowing no one else and soon became a popular student amongst his peers and became the Student Union President

Now Studying

University - Computer Science

SCG Awards trophy for Dominic Hall

Brody Wooding

Overall Student of the Year

showed excellent deductive skills and enjoyed finding carefully structured and logical solutions to problems from all aspects of his subjects

Previous School

Grove School

Now Studying

University of Cambridge - Natural Sciences

Read Brody's acceptance speech

It was a great pleasure to hear I’d received this award. But to me, this was just the icing on the cake to my time at the College; the experiences I had, the progression I made as a person and most importantly making friends for life. I believe the journey is more important than the result and the journey I had at Shrewsbury Colleges Group will always be one I can look back at with fondness.

There are many people I want to thank who have helped me get to where I am. Firstly my family, who have given me love and support through my whole life and shaped me into the person I am. Also, to all my friends who made my years at College so enjoyable and gave me memories I’ll never forget. Finally, to all my teachers who were so supportive and created such a positive environment to learn in. Thank you.

Brody Wooding holding his SCG Awards trophy