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13 October 2020
4.15pm - 8.00pm
  Welsh Bridge Campus
Shrewsbury Colleges Group
Priory Road

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding our Open Evening events this year on 13th October (English Bridge and Welsh Bridge campuses), 21st October (English Bridge and Welsh Bridge campuses) and 5th November (London Road campus).

Currently, we will be offering opportunities for a limited number of students and guests to physically attend the Open Evening on the applicable campus, but we will also be providing a Virtual Open Evening platform that will have unlimited number of places available.

We will be adhering to the Coronavirus safety guidelines and therefore the format of the events may change. We will update you.

We will be operating a ticket system and only one guest will be allowed to accompany each student to allow enough space for a safe visit. Please follow the below steps to secure your place for either a visit to campus or our virtual event.

  1. Decide which campus you need to visit depending on the subjects you are interested in (check your subject's webpage for its home campus)
  2. Decide what time you will arrive or if you will make a virtual visit (it's important that you arrive at your designated time and not early or late)
  3. Book that arrival time slot using student's details and have your ticket emailed directly to you (the ticket covers the student and their guest - keep the confirmation email it safe, you'll need it on the night)
  4. Do you want to visit a second campus on the same night? Go back to the event webpage and book your second campus arrival slot ticket taking care to leave enough time between bookings to fully explore each site.
  5. Want to make a second visit on a different night? Select the next Open Evening date for that campus and book your arrival time slot.

For the physical event you will be allocated one ticket for a student plus one guest only, but for all tickets make sure to register with the prospective student’s details and order a separate ticket for each student that is attending.

 *Please note there is no parking/drop off area available at this campus. Please use Frankwell Main carpark SY3 8HQ*

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