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Archivists and curators collect, appraise and preserve collections of recorded and other material of historical interest.


  • Examines, appraises and advises on the acquisition of exhibits, historic records, government papers and other material
  • Classifies material and arranges for its safe keeping and preservation
  • Maintains indexes, bibliographies and descriptive details of archive material and arranges for reproductions of items where necessary
  • Examines objects to identify any damage and carries out necessary restoration whilst preserving original characteristics
  • Makes sure that storage and display conditions protect objects from deterioration and damage
  • Allows access to original material or material not on display for researchers
  • Develops and promotes ideas for exhibitions and displays
  • Negotiates loans of material for specialist displays
  • Liaises with school and other groups or individuals, publicises exhibits and arranges special displays for general, specialised or educational interest
  • Answers verbal or written enquiries and gives advice on exhibits or other material.

Entry Requirements

Entrants require a good first degree in order to gain entry to a relevant postgraduate course. Many postgraduate courses also require applicants to have gained relevant practical experience prior to entry. Training is typically received on-the-job. Professional qualifications leading to NVQs/SVQs in relevant areas at Levels 3, 4 and 5 are available.

What could I earn?

Salaries for this occupation tend to start at £32,000 per annum and can progress up to £51,000 per annum.

Is it in growth or decline?

There are currently 1,046 employed Archivists & Curators in the region.

Current Vacancies

Interim Project Lead - Telling Stories
/ The Active Wellbeing Society / 26 Jun 2019