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Preparation Routes

Preparation Routes

Mode of study Vocational Full-time
Duration 38 Weeks
Campus London Road Campus
Start date September 2020
Course code FLR0ESO (2021)
  • Who is it for?

    Our ESOL programmes will enable you to meet new people, broaden your cultural awareness and improve your language skills both for life and work. You will gain European Union approved English language qualifications that meet UK Border Agency language requirements for your visa renewal. Your study programme will include a City & Guilds Employability qualification, English and Maths and a taster of a vocational area of your choice such as catering, hair, beauty, construction, engineering, customer service, accountancy and many more, subject to availability in the chosen area.

  • Entry Requirements

    You will need to complete a diagnostic assessment to ascertain the most appropriate level of study for you.

  • What does the course involve?

    Edexcel ESOL Skills for Life qualifications are made up of four components. These are reading, writing, speaking and listening which develop students’ ability to use the language in a functional context and are available at a range of levels to suit your needs. All students will be interviewed and assessed before a learning programme is agreed.

  • How is the course assessed?

    Formal assessment occurs at the end of the course and is made up of written examinations and a moderated speaking and listening assessment. Your completed employability units/Awards will be assessed and form a portfolio towards the final qualification.

  • How much does it cost?

    * Part time ESOL International Students £800 plus exam fees £88

    * Part time ESOL European Union Students £400 plus exam fees £88

    There will be additional costs for your course book of at least £27.

    16-18 year olds who have the right to remain in this country, asylum seekers, or those joining parents with the right to remain qualify for a fee waiver. Course book costs remain the same.

    Fees stated are for enrolment for the current academic year only. Courses which run for more than one year will be subject to a possible price increase.

  • Additional Notes

    You may enrol anytime from September to the end of February by appointment.

  • What do I do next?

    You can apply online via the APPLY NOW button. You can also apply for a second, alternative programme of study on the application page. If after reading this factsheet, you are still undecided about the course most suitable for you, please drop in to one of our Open Evenings, ring Admissions on 01743 342346 or email:

Miglena Doncheva

Miglena Doncheva

16-18 ESOL

You learn lots of vital skills on College Ready like how to conduct yourself in interviews and manage your time and coursework. I really enjoyed the course and became more confident with my presentation skills. It The ESOL course has helped me to improve my English and given me the opportunity to learn new things every day. Now I have a better job, new friends and more free time. At SCG I have been taught to read, write and speak better English.

Fatoumata Sawadogo

Fatoumata Sawadogo

16-18 ESOL

ESOL gives me the chance to study, improve my English and decide what I want to do in the future. I also like how the teachers explain things when I don’t understand something. The teachers treat us all the same, wherever we come from and other students show respect to each other. The College has given me the chance to learn and do things I haven’t done before.

Maisy Bowdler

Maisy Bowdler

College Ready
Previous school: The Priory School

College Ready helps you decide what you want out of your future – it is a very useful course and you learn loads of vital skills to make sure you can succeed. You learn how to conduct yourself at interviews and how to manage your time and coursework. I really enjoyed the course and became more confident which helped me get onto the Level 2 Performing Arts course and I can’t wait to now progress to the Level 3 as I have always loved acting and singing.

For Vocational / HE FT / Apprenticeship course enquiries

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