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International students are integrated fully into all classes and enrichment activities.

Our highly qualified teachers are dedicated to your personal academic achievement and will support and encourage you throughout your studies. Our class sizes are small with no more than 22 in a practical subject and 25 in an academic subject.

We also have a tutorial system where you will be part of a Tutor Group with an assigned Tutor who will meet with you as a group on a weekly basis and also in one-to-one sessions regularly. Your Tutor will support you with all of your academic and social needs.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes will also be timetabled in as a compulsory support subject. These classes are designed to support and improve your use of the English language throughout your course and to formally increase your level of English ready for University. All students can be put forward for an IELTS test paid for by the College. Any additional IELTS test must be paid for by the student - currently £150.


All of our classrooms are fully equipped with modern equipment and furniture, including interactive whiteboards and internet access.
We also have a performance studio, music and science labs, art studios, a photography suite, and a media and film suite.


Classes start at around 9am and finish around 4pm. The College day includes breaks in the morning and afternoon and a lunch break. Students will also have non-timetabled sessions where they will be expected to self-study, making use of the various Learning Resource Centre facilities.


You will receive a progress review 4 times a year and a more detailed written report at the end of Year 1. These reports are available online on our Parent Portal and will show academic achievement as well as attendance, timekeeping and attitude.


You can opt to take part in sport and music enrichment. There is also a wide variety of clubs and trips that you can participate in.

Student Union

Representatives in the College Student Union are elected by fellow students. The Union acts as the voice of students. Their budget is spent on things to improve the life of students.

Careers and Progression

The College offers professional careers advice through Tutorial and our specialist Agency team. This support assists all students in making career decisions, helping them with university choices and subjects. We have close partnerships with Universities throughout the West Midlands and students are encouraged to attend University Open Days to help them make choices about where to study next. Full support is given when students apply to University through the UCAS system, or when a student is looking for employment or an Apprenticeship.