Students at Shrewsbury Colleges Group (SCG) have shared their experience of lateral flow tests as mass COVID-19 testing begins for students.

Student testing centre

Mass lateral flow testing of students and staff for COVID-19 has now started at SCG in line with Government guidelines, ready for the return of face-to-face learning on campus from March 22.

Students will be invited in three times to be tested before they return to the classroom in two weeks.

Students will then be provided with self-swab test kits to allow them to test themselves twice a week at home.

The College spoke with some of its students who shared their experiences of the testing process, to help put others’ minds at rest.

Bailey Arnold-Jones, from Shrewsbury, previously of Mary Webb, School said: “The process has been really easy and moving through the system was really quick. I was told what to do with the test which was fine.”

Lily Avitabile, from Shrewsbury, previously of The Priory School, said: “The instructions are easy to understand and I thought the test would be a lot worse – but it is very simple and quick to do.”

Josh Baynham, from Oswestry, previously of Corbet School, said: “The information about my appointment was really straight forward, I arrived at college and registered my details and then moved on to the lateral flow test. The test wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be and I feel confident now doing a test on my own.”

Lucy Buckley, from Shrewsbury, said: “I thought the communication was straight forward and the whole process seems really organised. The test really isn’t as bad as it sounds! Now I’ve been talked through how to do it, I feel confident to complete the test at home. I’m looking forward to coming back to college and getting back into a proper routine.”

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