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Taster Sessions
Taster Sessions

We are delighted that you are interested in finding out more about our courses through one of our Taster sessions.

This term Tasters will be virtual and delivered through a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions. Below you will find the list of subjects available. Those marked with an “L” will be live sessions and those marked with an “R” will be pre-recorded.

For the Tasters taking place on Saturday 21 November (A Levels and Vocational Arts) there will be a live Q&A session running alongside pre-recorded content so you can chat by email to our staff afterwards. All live sessions will have the opportunity to talk to teachers as part of the session.

Once you have booked your place you will receive a confirmation email with a list of your chosen Tasters plus very important notes about joining both live and pre-recorded sessions – please make sure to read them in full.

  • How Do I Book?

    Please use the filter tools at the top of the subject list to narrow down the sessions to the areas you are interested in.

    On our Academic and Vocational Arts Taster Saturday you can try out one subject in each session - you won’t be able to attend two “Live” classes if they are at the same time but can choose up to 6 different ones! However you can select as many “Recorded” sessions as you want – these will be available on-demand as soon as we send you the links.

    During the Vocational Taster weeks, you can try one subject per day and each subject will be offered on at least two dates so you can look for the alternative day if there is a clash.

    Once you have chosen all your subjects you need to fill in the personal details box at the bottom. Then hit Submit!

    When you have submitted your booking the web page will show you an overview of your choices and a copy will be sent to the email you used to register.

  • What Tasters Should I Choose?

    We recommend you use this opportunity to find out more about subjects that are new to you or you are unsure of.

    If for example you absolutely love History, already know that our Public Services course is what you need to get you to the career you want, or that you must have Chemistry to get onto your chosen Uni course, then there is no necessity to undertake a Taster session in them. If you are intrigued by subjects you haven’t seen at GCSE, or want to compare similar courses and find which you like more, then this is an opportunity to try them out and see what they entail.

    There is no requirement for you to have completed a Taster in the subjects that you wish to apply for and no preference is given during the interview process to those that have attended a Taster – they are just a great chance to discover more about our wide range of subjects and find something that will fire your creativity or inspire you to succeed.

  • What If I Change My Mind?

    Please choose your Tasters carefully however in some circumstances we may be able to make changes to your bookings up until Wednesday 18 November.



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You can only book 4 Academic Tasters

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