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* Booking for Academic Tasters closes midday on Friday 9 November *

Please choose FOUR subjects to make up your individual timetable for the day. You can select TWO subjects from each campus or FOUR subjects from one campus. If your chosen subjects are on two campuses, you will be walked between venues in the break.

If you only wish to try three subjects please select “Campus Familiarisation” to complete your timetable. This will be an opportunity to explore the campus on your own and speak to our Student Ambassadors about life at College.

You will be emailed by Wednesday 14 November with full instructions, campus addresses and your timetable for the day (which will run from 9.00am until 1.00pm).

The day will include time for some campus self-orientation and there will be a 30 minute break for food at our Bridges Cafes. During the event staff will be available to assist with queries on A Level combinations, course content and any other issues you would like to discuss.

Please double check your selection before confirming as we will not be able to alter your booking once it has been submitted unless there are exceptional circumstances.

English Bridge Campus

Saturday 17/11/18

Welsh Bridge Campus

Saturday 17/11/18

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There are no available places left on this taster session. You can register now for the January taster equivalent.

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You cannot attend the same taster twice. If you want to change the date of your taster you can unselect your current taster choice and reselect your desired date.

You can only attend one taster per day!

See if your selected taster is run on another date.

You can only book 4 Academic Tasters

You can select up to 4 academic tasters over 2 locations.

You can only book 4 Academic Tasters

Please select TWO subjects from each campus or FOUR subjects from the same campus.