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If you left college in summer 2018 there is a process that you should follow should you wish to apply to resit any examinations in the Summer 2019 session.

  • Contact Laurina Rushworth on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request an application form
  • Submit form by Friday 11 January 2019
  • You will be invited to a meeting with a senior member of staff to agree how you will engage with the college to maximise your chances of an improved grade. This may include attending some lessons, subject support sessions or another agreed approach
  • You will then be cleared to submit your exam entry by following the steps below by the deadline of Friday 8 February 2019

Please note that entries for resits will not be processed unless these steps have been followed.

If you are an existing student, you only have to follow the steps below:

Please ensure that you read 'Resit Online Application Procedure' below before proceeding with your purchase.
If you decide to resit a unit (for modular courses) or a whole subject (for linear courses), discuss it first with your teacher to make sure this is the right unit and subject to retake.

      • Click on the link below (Exams Shop) to go to the online resit application system
      • Scroll down to select from the list of available units
      • Put a tick in the box where you want to select the unit to resit
      • Select ALL the units and subjects you are intending to retake
      • Once you have selected all your units and subjects, complete the details required
      • Include both your Student ID and your candidate number which can be found on Moodle (Vocational courses and Academic courses)
      • Once all details are completed, click proceed to payment page
      • This is a summary page and you should check that all the details are correct
      • Click on continue and then this will be the page required for payment
      • If details are incorrect, this may lead to delays or non-processing of your applications which may result in additional fees later on
      • When the Statement of Entries are ready to download, CHECK that the correct entries have been made for all your subjects - if you don't check them early then you may have to pay to correct your entries later on

You will NOT be entered automatically for any exams even if you were ill and provided evidence.

Please contact the Examinations Officer before the deadline if you have queries about your entries.

Late fees will apply if you do not submit an entry in time.

The resit application deadline is 4pm on Friday 8 February 2019.

Link to the Exams Shop.