Course Results Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 14th August 2020 to include additional information about Centre Assessed Grades being available on the Pro-Portal platform and amended answer to the when/where can I get my course results question.

Q. When/where can I get my exam results?
A. All results for A Levels and BTEC Level 3 courses with exam/external assessment will be available on Thursday 13th August 2020.

GCSE and BTEC Level 1 & 2 courses with exam/external assessment results will be available on Thursday 20th August 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we are limiting the number of people coming onto campus currently. Therefore, we will NOT be issuing results at any of the campuses. Results will be available from the pro-portal platform ONLY.

Q. How do I access the pro-portal platform?
A. The instructions for how to access the pro-portal platform to get the results are available here.

Q. I haven’t got the A Level results that I was expecting, what can I do?
A. If you haven’t achieved the grade you were expecting this summer, then SCG is here to help you explore the options available. Please email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the College 01743 235491 and speak to your Student Support Tutor or the Director of A Levels. We can help you to decide on the next steps.

Q. Can I re-sit my A Level exam(s)?
A. You will have the opportunity to re-sit your exam(s) if you wish. If you do wish to re-sit your exam(s), then you will be required to make your entry and payment through ParentPay. Re-sit exam details will be available on ParentPay asap.

Please note that the deadline for receipt of payment for the A Level exam re-sit is 28th August.

The dates for re-sitting exams will be during the Autumn:

AS and A Levels will run from Monday 5 October to Friday 23 October

These will be the written exams for your subject (except for Art). The coursework component, which many students do well on, is not being examined in October.

Q. How can I find out what my Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) were?
A. From Friday 14th August, we will be posting the College’s Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) for you onto your Pro-Portal page. You will be able to access this information and see what grades the College estimated for you for your subjects.

Q. What other support is available to students?
A. Ofqual has provided additional resources to support you and your parents/carers at this time. These resources can be accessed as detailed below:

Guide for students on appeals and malpractice or maladministration complaints in summer 2020

Q. Is there any other support available from Ofqual?
A. There is an exam results helpline which will be available from 12th to 28th August to provide additional support to you and your parents/carers as you receive your exam results.

The helpline will have direct access to experienced careers advisers who can give guidance on the different options available to you including A Levels, BTECs and other vocational subjects.

Support will also be available on topics such as clearing, university, gap years and the autumn 2020 exam series.

Phone: 0800 100 900
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm

Q. If I do opt to re-sit my A Level exam(s), what support will SCG be able to offer?
A. If you do choose to re-sit an exam, we will be in touch after you have entered and paid through ParentPay. Please note you will have to make a payment for the resit so that we can process your entry and connect you back up with all the online resources at the College.

We will offer options to support you with the revision as well as exam preparation you’ll need to undertake in order to be ready for exams in October.

Please remember you will need to do a significant amount of work to improve your grade in October. You will need to ensure that you have covered all the specification and completed practice papers to give yourself the best chance of being successful.

Q. Is it possible to improve on the A Level grade given by the exam board?
A. The answer is yes, as there will be an A Level exam available in October for your subject. These will be the written exams for your subject (except for Art).

The coursework component, which many students do well on, is not being examined in October. Only the written papers will be set, and these will be just as rigorous as usual as exam boards will be keeping up the standards we expect.

Please remember that any new A Level grade will be based solely on your performance in these written papers so grades may go down as well as up compared with your centre assessed grade.

Q. I’m planning to do a gap year, can I use that time to improve my A Level grades?
A. You may well be more successful if you take the exams next summer. You will have the opportunity to apply to return to college for part of the year and join Year 2 lessons. This may provide you with the confidence to attempt the papers knowing you have had the opportunity to cover the parts of the specification, and associated revision, which you did not complete in College this year.

If you would like to consider applying for a third year please contact the Admissions Team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that places will be limited.

Please remember that any new A Level grade will be based solely on your performance in these written papers so grades may go down as well as up compared with your centre assessed grade.

Q. My grades weren’t quite what I was expecting, but I can still go onto the university of my choice – should I go?
A. The university experience may be very different this year and this may influence your decision. However, please consider that taking up a place this September may be a wise decision. Next year places may be more difficult to gain and higher grades could be needed due to increased competition from those who choose not to take up their offer this year.

Q. I don’t agree with the GCSE grades / A Level grades that I have been awarded; can I appeal?
A. Government guidance recommends that if students feel that their results aren’t what they were expecting, they should first talk to their school or college about options, including the possibility of an appeal. We will have staff available on results day to provide support, offer progression advice and help to answer questions. Please call 01743 235491 if you would like to arrange a phone call or an appointment in College. If you would like to appeal please read the instructions available here and use the form available here.

Q. How have my BTEC grades been assessed?
A. Your teachers/tutors have provided the Award body with the following resources in order to determine your grades:

  • Actual grades for internal BTEC units that you completed
  • ‘Centre Assessment Grades’ for internal BTEC units that you were not able to complete – these are based on available evidence and what your teachers/tutors felt you most likely would have achieved under normal circumstances
  • For graded BTEC qualification, a rank order of all learners on your BTEC course, based on what your teachers/tutors felt that you would most likely achieve

Your teachers/tutors will base their decisions on a range of evidence, including any relevant assignments you have completed, any prior exam or mock result as well as your performance during the course.

The awarding body will check and review this provided information alongside other evidence such as the historical performance of SCG and the results from previous years. This is to make sure that the assessed grades are comparable.
As a result of this review, the final awarded grade may be adjusted up or down compared to the one(s) your teacher/tutor provided.

Q. I was due to sit a BTEC exam during the Lockdown period, how will this be accounted for?
A. The Awarding body will use the same process as detailed previously to determine the final award grade. Previous exam results for sitting these exam/external assessment(s) will also be considered.

Q. Can I appeal my BTEC results?
A. Yes, you will be able to appeal the final grade via SCG. We will advise on the process in due course. Please note that there are only certain reasons for the appeal that will be considered.

If you’re unhappy with your results and/or the appeal outcome, you will be able to sit/re-sit the exam/external assessment in the next available window which is either Autumn 2020 or January 2021 or summer 2021.

If you are continuing your BTEC course in 2020/21, you may also be able to submit/resubmit assignments for units where you have received a calculated result.

Q. Will my grades still have the same worth as grades from previous years?
A. The qualifications regulator, Ofqual, has confirmed that the results from this year will carry the same weight as results from other years. The results should be treated in the same way as previous year results by employers, colleges and universities.

For students considering going onto university, the grades will carry the same number of UCAS points as in previous years.