Q. What changes are taking place at the London Road Campus car park?
A. One of the major changes to the car parks will be the introduction of automated vehicle entrance and exit barriers at both access roads onto the London Road Campus. In addition, improved pedestrian pathways and pedestrian access gates are being installed to improve access to the campus for students.

Q. How do I get through the new gates?
A. Vehicle barriers will operate using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). You will therefore need to provide your vehicle number plate to reception in advance so that the gates know to allow you access. You will also be able to use your college ID card to open the gates if necessary. Pedestrian access gates will operate an access control system to allow access to all with a valid College ID card.

Q. What other changes are taking place at the London Road Campus car park?
A. The other developments will include the introduction of border fencing, improved signage around the car parks and new pathways.

Q. Do students have to pay for parking at the London Road Campus?
A. As outlined above, students who wish to use a vehicle to come to college will need to register their vehicle. This now includes motorbikes and scooters as well as cars and vans. As in previous years, a vehicle badge will be issued to students to display on their windscreen and parking tickets and fines will be issued to any vehicles found on campus which have not been properly registered.

Students choosing to park will continue to pay for an annual pass to park on the London Road Campus. For the 2021-22 academic year, there is no change to the cost of £15 for cars. Students bringing motorbikes or scooters will have to pay £10.

Q. Will I need to register my vehicle details before the term starts?
A. During the first week or two of term where many students will need access to car parks before they have registered their vehicles, the gates will be open throughout the day. This is to allow for time for students to register their vehicles in advance and adding these details to the system.

Q. Why are these changes taking place?
A. The upgrade of the parking facility will improve campus security and traffic management around the campus.

Q. What happens if I use more than one vehicle?
A. Students can register up to two vehicles from their household.

Q. What happens if I can’t get onto campus?
A. There is a visitor’s parking area outside of the access-controlled entrance where you can park while you resolve the issue. During the initial week of the first term, gates will allow students access to provide new students with the opportunity to register their vehicles number plates.

Q. I’m not a student but I use the London Road Sports centre facilities in the evening, do I need to pay?
A. Other users of the London Road Campus will not have to pay for the use of the London Road car park to use the facilities on site. The gates will be open by default after 16:30 to allow public access to this campus and for use of the sporting and educational facilities.