Shrewsbury Colleges Group

Q: When do applications open?

A: The SCG online application form will open on 6 October 2021 following the first Post-16 Progression Roadshow. But make sure you have researched your courses and entry requirements before applying.

Q: When do I need to have made an application?

A: At SCG we recommend applying to us by February half term to have the best chance of getting a place on your preferred course(s). We do however continue to accept applications through to September (spaces on courses permitting).

Q: When do I need to apply for an apprenticeship?

A: It varies and there are no general deadlines. You can be contacting training providers from this term and start looking for vacancies - but it's an ongoing process. You can find more information here. Vacancies are live and often have their individual start date indicated. Some companies such as engineering open up in November for September.

Q: Do I have to go and find my own Work Placement if it’s a required part of the course?

A: We will find your placements for you through the great links The Agency have with local employers. However, if you have a place you particularly want to work or have spoken to already, we will be able to get in touch with them and make all the appropriate checks to ensure you have a safe and positive experience time with them.

Q: Can I choose different A Level subjects from each campus?

A: For SCG A Levels yes you can choose subjects based at either English and/or Welsh Bridge campuses and your timetable will accommodate this. 

Q: Can I do a BTEC course and A Levels at the same time?

A: Not normally, as the BTECs are designed to be full-time (as is a set of 3 A Levels). There may be exceptions, but you would have to enquire directly at your interview - these might include Health & Social Care + Biology for example. But for most people, one or the other is plenty! Or you can take a CTECH Certificate at English or Welsh Bridge alongside 2 A Levels.

Q: Can I take more than one vocational course?

A: No, one of our vocational courses is a full-time study programme.

Q: Is it possible to take 4 A levels?

A: Yes - if you have a 7-9 GCSE grade profile. It's not necessary for anything and is a LOT of work so be careful! This can also be discussed at your interview.

Q: Can I take just 2 A levels?

A: No, you have to do 3 A Levels in order to be a full-time student. If you choose a vocational course, then you choose one subject.

Q: What should I do if I have no idea of what I want to study?

A: Think about YOU and choose what you will enjoy and do well in, for instance, if enjoy practical work, then maybe a vocational course will be more suitable, or if you have a variety of interests, A levels may suit you. You can access careers advice in school or as part of your interview with us.

Q: Do all courses require an interview?

A: Yes, but it's more of an informal chat about what you have applied for, what your aspirations and plans are, and making sure that you are on the right path.

Q: Will virtual presentations be available to watch again after the event?

A: Yes, if you use the same link that you had to join the live event you can watch it again whenever you want or you can request a link by completing a form from the events part of the website.

Q: When do schools give out the formal predicted grades?

A: It depends on when they do mock exams with you, but generally you get them in December or January.

Q: How many hours of teaching do students get per week and over how many days?

A: As a full-time student you generally study around 15 hours per week in the classroom and then need to do study in your own time. For A Levels this can be up to another 15 hours. A Level timetables are over five days and vocational three-four days.

Q: How do you join extra curriculum activities like dance or football?

A: Check out the enrichment page on our website.

Q: Can I change my course once I've started it?

A: This is only possible if there are spaces on the course you want to move to. The best approach is to attend Taster Sessions and Open Evenings so you know what course you like and then you aren't putting yourself in a position of missing out. You can also view videos of taster sessions on the Shrewsbury Colleges Group YouTube site.

Q: Will there be opportunities to look around the college in small groups?

A: We are looking at dates that we can accommodate some small groups, this will be shared with schools and put on the website.

Q: What kind of study spaces are available?

A: We have Learning Resource Centres at each campus that host our library and PC resources, as well as dedicated quiet study areas for you to work in when you are not in lessons.

Q: What precautions have you put in place on your campus in regards to Covid-19?

A: We have extensive measures in place across all of our campuses that go beyond the standard government requirements for education settings and you can find more details on them here.