We really hope you never have any reason to be dissatisfied with the delivery of your course and/or the support we provide you with here at Shrewsbury Colleges Group, however we are aware that sometimes things go wrong.

If your concerns are affecting the whole of your group, we hold regular Student Consultatives, which are chaired by the HE and Education Lead. These meetings give you and your fellow students the chance to air your concerns and enable us to resolve your complaints if possible. We also use your feedback to help us to improve. Please let your Course Tutor know if you would like to become a HE Student Representative.

If your concern is of a more personal nature, in the first instance we would always encourage you to discuss your concerns with your Course Tutor, or whoever has been providing the service you are unhappy about. The HE and Education Lead is also available to chat things over on a one-to-one basis.

If after following the above you still feel you wish to formally complain, you will need to determine the type of complaint and who to complain to if you are enrolled with one of our partner universities.

If your complaint is in relation to the assessment of your course work or progression you will need to read one of the following documents to find out how to appeal:

If your complaint is in relation to matters which have affected the quality of your learning with us, you can access our HE complaints policy here

If after following your complaint/appeal to the College you feel that our regulations have not been applied properly, or procedures followed incorrectly, The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) can consider whether the decision made by ourselves was fair and reasonable. More information can be found here.