At Shrewsbury Colleges Group we understand that choosing the right course can be a difficult task. Some students might feel they are on the wrong course and may not even be in the right college / university for their needs.

So, what can you do if you find yourself in this position?

If you are currently studying elsewhere – “Transfer In”

Shrewsbury Colleges Group has a range of higher level courses, but we want you to be sure that this is the right thing for you. So, do some research, does the College offer the course and modules you are looking for? Can you travel here easily by car or public transport and if you are looking to find term time accommodation, what are you looking for and how much can you afford?

Remember, if you are a student supported by student loans you need to talk to the Student Loan Company. It is important to understand if you are still able to get loans if you transfer and how long they will fund you for. It is your responsibility to ensure you can pay your tuition fees and that you have money to support yourself through your study.

If moving is the right thing for you then you will need to contact our admissions team and they will be able to work with the curriculum area to see if your previous study meets our entry requirements. We will consider credits earned at a Higher Education level or your previous qualifications, depending on what course you want to join and what course you have been studying.

You might be considering transferring from your current university or college onto a course in the same or related subject area at Shrewsbury College. If this is the case we will ask you to provide certification or confirmation (from where you are studying at the moment) to show what you have achieved already and, provided you have sufficient and appropriate credit, we will work with you to bring you in at the right level of study. An example of this type of transfer is if you have, or plan to, finish your first year at your current institution but want to start on a second year of study at Shrewsbury College; this is sometimes called “Advance Standing”. If you have done some but not all of the year you may be able to use our recognition of prior learning process so that you don’t have to repeat what you have already achieved.

All of our admissions process work within the principles and process outlined in our Admissions Policy.

If you want to stay at Shrewsbury Colleges Group but want to change course – “Course transfer”

Sometimes the College is great, but the course isn’t right for you. If this is the case you may want to transfer to another course and the first thing you need to do is talk to the course leader of the course you are considering moving to; there may be specific requirements that are needed or it may be too late in the year to catch up and you will need to take a break in studies before re-joining on the new course. You will also need to talk to your current course leader, as it may be that the issue you have relates to a specific part of the course that won’t be part of your learning in the future or they can provide support that enables you to re-evaluate if you still want to move to something different.

Whatever you decide, you need to make the choice which is right for you and student services can help you to understand personal and any possible financial implications of transferring course.

If you are studying at Shrewsbury Colleges Group and want to move to another university or college – “Transfer Out”

We will be sad to see you go but if you have given this some real thought, we understand and will do everything we can to support you on your journey. Firstly, we will want you to talk to your course tutor to talk through your individual circumstances. They will direct you to the Finance team who can help you to check if there are any funding considerations such as fees you may owe to the College. Details of our policy on fees.

Wherever you go you need to make sure that the new university or college is right for you. Make sure that you visit and talk to the Course team; don’t rely on what others are saying online – this needs to suit you, not other students.
If you are getting a student loan, please talk to the Student Loan Company and the university you are going to before you move. This is so that you are clear if you have the funds to study elsewhere and for the whole length of your new course. It is your responsibility to ensure you can pay your tuition fees and that you have money to support yourself through your study.

Based on what you have studied and achieved so far, we will provide you with certification that you can share with your new c ollege / university so that they can assess your needs and meet their requirements for entry; this might be a transcript (showing credit achieved) if you have partially completed a year or an exit award such as HNC.