In this section, you will find policies and procedures which relate to the higher education provision at Shrewsbury Colleges Group. The following policies are generic and are relevant to students considering studying or studying at a higher level with us.

BTEC Higher Nationals

As a student studying Higher Nationals you will/are bound by a number of Regulations, Rules, Codes, Conditions and Policies and agree to comply with the provisions of these.

Staffordshire Students

As a student at Staffordshire University, you will/are also bound by a number of their regulations, rules, codes, terms & conditions and policies and agree to comply with the provisions of these.

Academic policies and regulations 
Welcome information

The information published in this section is relevant to the Academic Year 2022/23 and is correct at the date of publication. The Policies and Procedures may on occasion be adjusted to reflect changes in legislation and external guidelines or as the result of the college's/university's experience and views on best practices. No changes will be made to Policies and Procedures which are considered detrimental to students.