For A Levels, Vocational courses, Apprenticeships and some Higher Education / Part-time courses.

To apply for an Apprenticeship, you will need secured employment. Before applying for an Apprenticeship, please ensure that you have the following information: Company name and address, contact name, telephone number and email address and a proposed start date. If you are unsure which apprenticeship programme you should be applying to, please get in touch with the Apprenticeship Team on 01743 342460 to discuss, this prior to completing the application form.


We have improved our application process, giving you access to more features. From November you will be able to log in to our application system and check how your application is progressing and upload any supporting documents. You’ll also be able to use the system to apply for bursaries if you qualify for them.

If you have previously applied to the college, please use your existing account to make new applications – forgotten passwords can be easily recovered.

This system requires you to create an account using a unique personal email address (not a parent or school email address). No two applicants can use the same email address. It is important that you have access to this email address in the future as we will be using it to send you information on starting college, as well as important emails once you are a student at college.

Before you start...

You cannot save your application part way through and all parts need to be completed - so please make sure you have the following information needed to complete your application:

  • Your predicted or actual grades, which will be checked with your current school or college
  • The telephone number and email address of an emergency contact
  • Information on any learning support issues you would like us to know about
  • A personal statement about your interests, ambitions, work experience and why you want to study your chosen course (can be cut and pasted from a pre-prepared document)

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