Whatever your industry, large, small or self-employed, everyone can benefit from Apprenticeships:

  • They can bring new ideas, innovation and an extra pair of hands
  • They provide a supply of skilled young recruits replacing an ageing workforce
  • The recruitment and training can be more cost effective than hiring skilled staff

We can help you by…

  • Offering a pool of job ready students with two years’ training, eager to progress into work or
  • Recruiting for you - advertising on a variety of channels

The government can help too…

  • Employers with less than 50 employees get full funding for 16 – 18 year old apprentices training
  • ALL employers receive a £1,000 grant for recruiting a 16 – 18 year old*

* Providing they are not currently in employment

Our Employer Guide to Apprenticeships offers detailed information on the Apprenticeship scheme.

Why not take the first step and find out more by calling us on 01743 260400.