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If you're looking for a new challenge next year, why not try one of our Distance Learning courses?

Shrewsbury Colleges Group has a range of over 20 courses to choose from in teaching and education, health and care, and business, law and economics.

Many courses have flexible start dates so that you can enrol at almost any time during the year and each course’s length is dependent on the number of modules. You will have an individual study plan to help you fit your studies into your daily lifestyle, allowing you to meet the deadlines for submitting assignments.

Here is what Rachel Gratton had to say about her experience last year on our Introduction to Neuroscience in Early Years course and how it benefitted her.

How did you find booking onto our distance learning course?

The process was simple and easy to follow. There were steps to take you through each section, with clear instructions for each part. It was good that you could save your progress and then return to it later on if you wished to do so.

What made you choose to study with SCG?

The college is local and easy to access if I need to get anything in person. The course offered was exactly what I was looking for and, when reading up about it, looked as if it was well prepared.

The staff were friendly when I enquired about the course and always helpful, no question went unanswered and, throughout the course, they were supportive.

Why did you decide to take the neuroscience course?

I have been interested in this subject for a long time but there have been no courses that I have found that have covered this subject. As the course was about neuroscience and self-regulation I thought it would be a good course to complete and it would benefit both my professional development and my practice within my setting. This has proved to be the case and I have learnt a lot from the course which has influenced my thinking.

How has the course benefited you?

The course has helped me to learn more about brain development during childhood and the factors that influence and affect this. It has made me reflect on how we support children’s learning and development, especially in terms of their emotional development.

Since completing the course I have reflected on how, personally and as a setting, we approach supporting the children’s emotions and behaviour and am introducing new ways to support this through developing emotion coaching throughout the setting. I am also using this when I am supporting parents with concerns about their children’s behaviour.

Learning about neuroscience has given me the confidence to introduce these changes and to be able to explain why we are now using this approach with children.

Why did you decide to do a distance learning course?

I have previous experience with distance learning from completing my degree and Early Years Teacher status. For me, distance learning is the most appropriate learning method at this time due to my working hours and my personal life as I can control when I study and the pace I am studying at.

Would you recommend a distance learning course to a friend?

I definitely would recommend one to friends. In fact, I have done this with my colleagues and one has already started a distance learning course with the college.

If you are interested in studying any of our distance learning courses you can find the full list here

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