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Access to HE (Higher Education)

Access to HE (Higher Education)

Access to HE (Higher Education) Courses

Access courses are nationally recognised qualifications, accepted by universities, which bridge the gap between your existing education and the entry requirements for degree level study. They are designed to be flexible and attractive to adults who may have been out of formal education for some time. You will study in an adult-friendly learning environment, on a full or part-time basis to suit your commitments. Most students aim for careers in the health sector and become nurses, midwives, paramedics, physiotherapists, social workers or teachers, but the range of destinations is not limited to these. Advanced Learner Loans are available for those aged 19+. For those who go on to complete an HE course, which is eligible for student finance, the government will write off the loan taken out for the Access to HE Course.

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