Mode of study Apprenticeship
Duration Please ring for details
Campus London Road Campus
Start date 1 August 2022
Course code PLR2UPM (APPO)
Esther Dickson

Esther Dickson

Level 2 Painting & Decorating
Previous school: Telford College

My favourite thing that I’ve studied is decorative skills, which involve doing different techniques like stencilling and marbling. It’s quite intricate work and it was a challenge to learn, but I’m really proud of what I’ve done. You’ve just got to try new techniques out and know that you’re going to learn how to do it successfully when you’ve got a tutor as friendly and helpful as my tutors. My dream is to have my own interior design studio, specialising in working with small spaces and proving that you don’t need a lot of room to have a great home.

Charlie Meredith

Charlie Meredith

Level 1 Brickwork
Previous school: Thomas Adams School

I'm in my second year of brickwork and I've been learning a lot about attention to detail. I've got a part-time job on building sites on Mondays and Fridays where I work on extensions, new builds, renovations - anything you can think of really. At college, we learn the techniques and at work, I get to put them into practice.

Jordan Phillips

Jordan Phillips

Level 1 Painting & Decorating
Previous school: Shrewsbury Academy

Painting & Decorating is a good trade to train in and offers great business opportunities afterwards. The tutors are good and I have learnt so much here – I have especially enjoyed learning how to wallpaper.

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Career Options

  • Inspectors of standards and regulations

    Up to £42,000

  • Property, housing and estate managers

    Up to £45,000


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