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  • Who is it for?

    Painters and Decorators operate in domestic and commercial properties and undertake the decoration and protection of buildings. Properties include houses, schools, offices, hospitals factories and construction sites. Working internally or externally they work individually and/or as part of a team applying water-borne and/or solvent-borne paint coatings and wallcoverings. They have good knowledge of paint coatings and wallcoverings and understand and comply with statutory, safety and environmental requirements. They are responsible for their own work achieving a high-quality finish at the appropriate pace. They are good problem solvers and communicators and are able to interact effectively with colleagues, clients and associated trades.

  • Entry Requirements

    In order to complete this painting and decorating Apprenticeship, you will be expected to complete an initial assessment in Maths and English to ensure you are at a suitable level to work towards this qualification. Some employers will specify their own minimum qualification entry requirements, which would be detailed within their Apprenticeship vacancy.

  • What does the course involve?

    For a comprehensive understanding of this painting and decorating programme and what it entails, please click here.

    As part of the painting and decorating Apprenticeship Standard, if you do not hold GCSE Maths and English at grades 9-4, you will also be required to study towards your functional skills Level 2.

  • How is the course assessed?

    This painting and decorating Apprenticeship is taught at our London Road Campus on a day release basis once a week. If you need to complete your functional skills, then this will be covered at college in a block week release. In addition, you will be visited at your workplace regularly by your assessor, to assess your practical skills and knowledge as well as review your progress with your employer.  You will be required to sit an End Point Assessment, towards the final stages of your programme, to ensure you have obtained the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to do your job effectively.

  • Additional Notes

    Typically, this painting and decorating Apprenticeship will take 36 months to complete.

  • What do I do next?

    To be an apprentice in painting and decorating you will need an employer who can offer you work and release you for your training. Once you have an employer in place, you can apply online. If after reading this fact sheet, you are still undecided about the course most suitable for you, please drop in to one of our Advice Events, ring the Apprenticeship Team on 01743 260400 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Robert Jones

Robert Jones

Level 1 Bricklaying
Previous school: Sir John Talbots

I wanted to do a trade and bricklaying was the one I enjoyed the most. It is a fun and practical subject that is very hands-on. We have all the equipment we need. I would like to move on to get an Apprenticeship in construction.

Jordan Phillips

Jordan Phillips

Level 1 Painting & Decorating
Previous school: Shrewsbury Academy

Painting & Decorating is a good trade to train in and offers great business opportunities afterwards. The tutors are good and I have learnt so much here – I have especially enjoyed learning how to wallpaper.

Alexander Fokianos

Alexander Fokianos

Level 1 Brickwork
Previous Institution: Shrewsbury Academy

Bricklaying is a hands-on, practical course and gives you good experience to move into employment.

NHS 200x200

This course is linked to roles within the NHS.

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Career Options

  • Painters and decorators

    Up to £27,000

  • Glass and ceramics makers, decorators and finishers

    Up to £22,000


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