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Mode of study Part-time
Duration 10 Weeks
Campus London Road Campus
Start date Please ring Course Advice on 01743 342333 to find out when this course next runs
Tuition Fee £110
Course code PLR1LAN004 (1920B)
Runs on Tuesday
  • Who is it for?

    The course is for people who have acquired elementary grammar and are able to take part in basic conversations by completing a beginners’ course or having spent time in a country where the language is spoken. The emphasis is on extending vocabulary and developing grammatical competence. On completion of the course, you will be able to progress to a continuation course to give you the opportunity to develop your skills further.
  • Entry Requirements

    You need a basic understanding of the language.
  • What does the course involve?

    During the course you will develop competence in listening, reading, writing and speaking across a range of real life situations more complex than those at beginners levels. These situations will include: * introducing yourself and others, asking and understanding simple questions, * shopping for food, drinks, and clothes, understanding menus, * enquiring about leisure activities and places in a town, * booking accommodation, making complaints, * making travel arrangements and understanding directions, * understanding the weather forecast and talking about household tasks, * explaining minor health problems, accepting and refusing invitations, * Describing rooms in a house and talking about special occasions.
  • How much does it cost?

    We suggest you bring a pen and some paper to take notes.

    It is also recommended you purchase the BBC French textbook as it is used in lessons : Active Talk French 2 - The Ideal Way to Improve your French.
    If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact: Elisabeth Beckett Languages Tutor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • What do I do next?

    If you meet the entry requirements for this course, please use the Register my Interest or Apply Now buttons or contact Course Advice on 01743 342333 to organise enrolment. If you are still undecided about the course most suitable for you, please drop in to one of our Advice Events, ring Course Advice on 01743 342 333, use our Live Chat facility or email:

    Fees stated are for enrolment for the current academic year only. Courses which run for 2 or 3 years will be subject to further fees and possible price increases each year.