Shrewsbury Colleges Group
Group Equality and Diversity Policies

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As a college, we are committed to being as inclusive as possible. We welcome the Public Sector Equality Duty and actively consider how we can remove or minimise any disadvantages faced by people due to their disability and meet their needs during their time at college.
We will:

  • Assess each student on an individual basis
  • Identify needs and offer support at an early stage
  • Work to remove barriers to learning and make reasonable adjustments when needed
  • Provide a range of specialist facilities, equipment and assistive software
  • Maintain an experienced Support Team
  • Provide information for students on the support pages on Moodle
  • Negotiate exam access requirements with awarding bodies for any on-course assessments and examinations
  • Ensure easy access to all buildings and facilities
  • Offer familiarisation visits and an informal meeting with one of the Support Team and a course tutor
  • Arrange for support at college events by a member of the Support Team
  • Provide opportunities throughout the year for you to tell us about your support requirements.