Engineering students at Shrewsbury Colleges Group have built an engine stand to specification for the Welsh Airforce Cadets as part of their course.

Four Engineering Apprentices standing next to Curriculum leader and Pilot Officer.

The Welshpool Cadets approached the College and asked if students were able to help with a donation of an Engine and Engine stand for their Cadets.

The Cadets range from 12 – 18 years old, some cadets are current students of Shrewsbury Colleges Group and previous cadets have attended the College.

Pilot Officer Keiron Cornell, said: “It’s an understatement to say we are extremely grateful to the college and the students for what they have done. It will be a phenomenal tool for hands-on learning and encourages more young people to become Engineers and Mechanics.”

We encourage our cadets to know about Piston engines, move to Jet engines and then on to Rocketry.

The Engineering students were, Josh Wilkinson, from Telford, previously of Hadley Learning Community School, Anthony Butler, from Telford, previously of Telford College, Jacob Elson, from Shrewsbury, previously of Meole Brace School, Liam Fallon, from Telford, Samantha Pitchford, from Telford, previously of Charlton School, all Caterpillar Level 2 Engineering Apprentices.


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