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Statement from Shrewsbury Colleges Group updated on Wednesday 13th May at 11am.

This is an updated statement issued on Wednesday 13th May at 11am.

There are the following changes from the previous statement:

  • Update on the College re-opening following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday 10th May and subsequent Government since
  • Update on vocational qualification grading assessment
  • Update on Apprenticeship work

The FAQs section available here has also been updated.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday, further information has been published regarding the wider opening of schools and colleges from 1 June. Click here for details.

This does not mean that College will re-open for all students and staff from 1 June. 

What we are being asked to provide is some ‘in-college’ contact for some students. This will not be a return to full timetables or students back in College full-time.

We will be providing some support to supplement students’ remote/online education. Remote/online education will need to continue for all students and apprentices. We will also continue to provide the current level of in-college support for our vulnerable students.

The date of 1 June is also the earliest point at which wider openings could begin. This change in national policy remains contingent on the number of cases falling.  At SCG, we will not be moving to wider re-opening unless we can do so safely with proper preparation. We expect to see further guidance to be published by the Government this week.

This is a changing and evolving situation. We will provide further updates as we have more information. Thank you for your continued patience.

Students with exams and assessments in the summer and their parents

New information about the process going forward following the cancellation of exams has been issued by the Department of Education and the Examination Regulator (Ofqual) on Friday 3rd April.

They have also published a letter to students to explain what will happen and to try and answer any questions. Please read the letter carefully here.

Ofqual aims to ensure that the awarding of grades is fair to students and that the process supports their progression to university or into employment or an apprenticeship. 

Further details on how the grading will be determined can be found within the FAQs section of the website.

Please, therefore, do not ask teachers, tutors or any other member of staff as they will not be able to give any further details.

If students are not happy with the final grade there will be an opportunity to take the exam in the autumn term as soon as it is possible to do so.

At the time of writing, we are still waiting for final confirmation from Ofqual on how the grading will be applied to the various vocational courses that we run through several award organisation. Ofqual is looking to develop a process which is applied fairly and consistently, so that standards are maintained and all those who use qualifications can continue to have confidence in their value.

As Ofqual has said it will be down to each awarding organisations to determine their approaches and as we work with many different bodies, we will await final confirmation before we take further action on awarding grades to our vocational students.

We will update students and parents as further information becomes available, including details about vocational and technical qualifications, so please keep an eye on our website.

In an announcement on Monday 23rd March 2020, UCAS has delayed the May deadline for undergraduate offers. Students affected by this change will be contacted directly by UCAS.

How will learning continue:

SCG will be providing lessons and guidance for students via online platforms to continue their studies during this period.

Further guidance on home learning for students.

We expect all students to complete their course as this work may be used as part of the assessment process for the student’s final grades. We firmly believe that education is about learning and not just teaching to pass a test and would encourage all of our students to continue their studies to the best of their ability.

Vulnerable students and their parents & carers
We have contacted students who are considered Vulnerable to discuss attending college. If you have not been contacted and consider that this may be the safest option for you, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The official advice is that Vulnerable students are those students who have a social worker OR those students with an educational health and care plan (EHCP) OR those with safeguarding and welfare needs.

On each day that Vulnerable students attend, we will contact parent/carer to confirm attendance.  If the parent/carer does not receive confirmation but believes that their son or daughter should be attending, please contact Steve McAlinden on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students in the first year of study and their parents
Students in their first year of study with us will continue with their education via online platforms. Information on tasks and course content will be available online and students need to contact their course leaders and teachers for further information.

Students who are on practical courses which require a physical presence at college will be advised on their requirements by their course leaders and tutors.

Further guidance on home learning for students.

Higher Education Students
Students studying Higher Education courses with us on either a full-time or part-time basis will continue with their education on an online basis. The Higher Education facility at London Road will be closed effective from closure of college hours on Friday 20th March and until further notice.

Students should direct any questions about their course requirements to their Course Leader.

Further guidance on home learning for students.

Following the updated announcement by the Prime Minister on Sunday 10th May, some Apprentices will start to return to work in certain industry sectors. This is only advisable where it can be done safely and with proper preparation.

The employer will inform Apprentices if they are to attend work.

If the Apprentice is not returning to work, then the Apprentice should contact their Assessor for further details and plans for their ‘off the job’ element of their Apprenticeship.

Further information on Apprenticeship and the Covid-19 virus situation

Students applying to SCG for 2020/21 education year and their parents
SCG is still accepting applications from students wanting to study with us in the next academic year (2020/21). We will be working with schools and OFQUAL to determine the best way to assess the educational achievements of students now that GCSE exams will not be taking place.

Any student who was due to attend an interview in college for a place for 2020/21 will now receive an interview via telephone. We will contact you to arrange times.

Best wishes,

James Staniforth
Principal and Chief Executive

Covid-19 Virus: CLICK HERE for Guidance for Parents and Students

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