Shrewsbury Colleges Group is committed to equality of opportunity to applicants across the provision whilst ensuring that each individual can achieve and be successful.

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At enrolment, the published entry criteria will be applied for applicants to ensure that each student is able to cope with the level of study and therefore achieve and be successful to get to their next destination. Entry requirements can be found as a summary here. The College has entry criteria to study an A Level programme as well as criteria for individual A Level and vocational subjects.

Applicants for the 2021 academic year who were in year 11 in 2020 will have Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) from their previous school. These CAGs be used as evidence for entry criteria to each course.
Where the entry criteria have not been met either for an individual subject or for the overall A Level programme, we will take a balanced view of all your grades and the chosen subject(s) and consider one of the following options:

  • Enrol you on the programme or subject choice you have been offered at interview
  • Offer an alternative combination of A Levels that might include a Subsidiary Diploma with 2 A Levels
  • Offer enrolment onto a vocational Diploma course at either Level 2 or 3
  • Provide an IAG discussion to consider your options based on your intended career routes
  • Where grades are required for a specific course e.g. A Level then there will be a discussion with the appropriate programme/course leader. Additional evidence may be requested e.g. your school reports and some subjects may require you to take additional tests to ascertain whether you have the potential to work at the level applied for. Admission on to the course will involve a formal review within 6 weeks.

We may also contact your school for further information about your ability/performance or see if there are any special considerations for your year group that need to be taken into consideration.

If a grade 3 or below has been achieved in Maths or English Language you will be required to enrol to these subjects and attend lesson weekly as per your timetable at College and take the GCSE exam in the summer of 2021.

The government has stated that there will be an opportunity to re-sit GCSEs in the Autumn. If you plan to take GCSE exams in the Autumn, we will review your programme with you after you receive these new GCSE grades. We will still use your CAGS for determining your entry to College in August.

The Autumn exams will need to be arranged with your school. We will discuss with you the additional workload of studying for the Autumn GCSE resits alongside your new college courses. It is also important we know of your plans to account for your absence from college during your re-sit exams.

Shrewsbury Colleges Group will contact each applicant identified as home educated to discuss their course choice and next steps. Home Educated or privately tutored applicants are advised by the Government to contact an exam centre to support their grades being confirmed if they have a relationship with an exams centre. Where a relationship does not exist or where an exam centre is unable to authorise evidence to confirm Centre Assessed Grades, applicants will be required to sit the Autumn series of exams or the summer 2021 exams to obtain GCSE grades.

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