We are delighted to welcome new students to Shrewsbury Colleges Group for September 2020.

Unfortunately, the current situation with the COVID-19 virus outbreak means that we are unable to invite our new students to attend our usual Pre-Enrolment events in College.

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Online Pre-enrolment

We are thrilled to invite our new students to participate in an online Pre-Enrolment activity which we hope will help them to choose the right course of study in September.

We have sent out details in mid-July on the online Pre-Enrolment events to applicants via the email address that they have provided on their application. This email contains a link which will allow our new students to access information about the subjects they have selected as well as broader college information.

The information in this email is essential, so please ensure that these are viewed carefully and contact us with any queries.

Enrolment onto the courses

We will be contacting our new students at the end of July to invite them to attend our London Road campus to final course selections and complete the Enrolment process. This is for all courses. The invite letter will contain details of your specific Enrolment appointment. Due to the COVID-19 virus situation, we would ask that all our new students adhere to the allocated date and time where possible.

This appointment invite will be sent via a letter in the post and via email to the applicants for the end of July.

The enrolment appointments will take place from 20th to 26th August. Please contact us if new students cannot attend during that time. Contact us by telephone on 01743 342342 to inform us if new students need an alternative slot within the week of 20th -26th August.

At the Enrolment appointment, our new students will be able to do the following:

  • We will check GCSE results to confirm they meet the entry requirements for the course(s) for which the new student has been offered a place
  • We will agree your study programme with the new students and enrol them onto the specific course(s)
  • We will create student photo ID card
  • There will be an opportunity to talk to Student Services about finance, travel, Additional Learning Support as well as Well-being services

Subject/Course Entry Requirements

We appreciate that this is a difficult time for our new students, and they may have concerns about the award of their GCSE grades and what that will mean for their application. We have published some guidance on our applicant entry requirements which can be seen here.

We are here to assist our new students whatever their GCSE grades outcome. We offer a broad range of subjects and courses and we will work with our new students to determine the best pathway for them.

The enrolment appointments will offer the opportunity for our new students to discuss the options that we can offer for the different course pathways.

Supporting information

Bursary and Travel applications:

There is information on the College website and in the handbook issued at their interview about the bursary application process. General information on financial support can be found here.

Travel application forms can be found here where there are forms to fill in for different bus routes and also the train pass application.

Other resources

Shrewsbury Colleges Group is a great place to study, whichever campus students are based at, with excellent academic results, very happy students, and a wide range of enrichment activities to support career development.

We look forward to welcoming our new students to SCG in September to begin their studies.


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