Staff and students at Shrewsbury Colleges Group (SCG) have organised and collected donations for the Shrewsbury Food Bank.

 SCG donated to Shrewsbury Food bank

Leah Griffiths, a Care teacher at SCG, organised the collection points in Health & Social Care and Childcare classrooms for Barnabos Community Project where students and staff could make their donations.

“Students came up with the idea after seeing a campaign on social media, we have so far collected over 370 items for the food bank,” said Leah.

“Part of the Health & Social Care course is about developing an understanding of compassion and empathy. Undertaking charity events is a practical way of demonstrating these important qualities.”

Molly Hayes and Millie Goodman, part of the Course Advice team at SCG, also organised their own collection for Barnabos Community Project. “We decided we wanted to donate to the Shrewsbury Food Bank this year instead of buying presents or organising secret Santa,” said Molly. “We informed other members of staff what we were doing and our whole department got involved.”

All donations will be quarantined for 72 hours before being delivered to the food bank.

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