Group of football education students wearing performance analysing vests

Sport students at Shrewsbury Colleges Group are reaping the benefits of new coaching and performance software which will bring classroom teaching on par with the industry at elite level.

The PlayerTek GPS system (Global Positioning System) by Catapult is a professional-grade sensor device and web-based software that measures physical performance within sport, health and exercise.

The equipment enables students to check on their own and their team performance, review data and improve their coaching skills.

The advanced GPS uses sophisticated algorithms and is designed for a number of sports at all levels and has a range of smart sensors.

“The whole experience of the students using the GPS vests and reviewing the data aligns what we can now do in the classroom to what is happening in industry at elite levels,” said Andy Van Ommeren, Sports Teacher at SCG.

“It’s a massive positive for students to have these types of experiences on their CV’s when they leave us.”

Sports coaching and analysing performance is part of the Sports, Football and Rugby courses offered at SCG.

This equipment allows students to integrate more factual data into their studies, expand their knowledge and embed numeracy and literacy skills.

“Using more factual, quantitative data gives students achievable opportunities for them to reach and excel past their set academic target grades,” said Dale Smallman, Sports Teacher and Rugby Coach.

Sports Teacher Andy Jones, added: “It is fantastic that the college have supported us with this project as the academic and employability benefits to our students are endless.”

The equipment will also be available for other courses at the college such as Health & Social Care.

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