Students stand outside the colourful Rizzihaus in Brunswick

Following January’s trip to the UK from the Gauss Gymnasium in Braunschweig, Shrewsbury Colleges Group students completed their exchange with a trip to Germany.

Arriving early in Germany, students attended the schools open evening which allowed for introductions between the teachers and students. In total, students spent three days in school, seeing the German education system, immersing themselves in the culture and language.

At the weekend, the group travelled into the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, sampling the cities offerings, including Fischbröten, a sandwich comprised of fish, pickles and a remoulade, as well as a venue where the Beatles performed, as it was in Hamburg where they became famous.

After Hamburg our students travelled onto the capital of Germany, Berlin. Here, students visited the Bundestag, the seat of the German government, located in the Reichstag, and viewed the famous glass dome, which was designed by British Architect Sir Norman Foster to symbolise the reunification of Germany. From there, they headed to Brandenburg Gate and took the S-Bahn to the Wall Museum, viewing a remaining part of the Berlin Wall.

The next day, students travelled to their final destination of Wolfsburg, birthplace of the Volkswagen. Students visited the Zeitmuseum and went on a tour of the VW factory, which is a city in of itself, boasting 60,000 employees and its own road and railway network. On the final evening, everyone came together and went out for pizza.

Teacher Marion Roeseler remarked: “It was an incredible experience that has given us friends for life and has boosted our language skills through the 24/7 immersion in the German culture and language as we spent the whole week ‘living life the German way’ whilst staying with our exchange partners and their families.”

This is just one of the excellent extra-curricular activities available to students at Shrewsbury Colleges Group. If you are interested in studying German, or another modern language at the college, please follow the links below:

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