Graphic Communication students at Shrewsbury Colleges Group have shown their ingenuity by producing an Exhibition newspaper to display their artistic work which replaces the annual physical end of term exhibition.

COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have meant that the annual end of term exhibition show hasn’t been possible this year. The show which typically takes place at the end of June is usually open to the general public as well as friends and family of the students.

Adam Constantine, leader for the Graphic Communications course said: ‘I am very proud of this group of students - they really excelled in a very tough year. It seemed only fitting to reward them with something tangible to mark their achievements.’

The students have also used an Augmented Reality app called the Artivive App to build further content and this allowed the students working in time-based media to share their animation work in a static format.

James Staniforth, Principal of Shrewsbury Colleges Group, said ‘It is a truly wonderful collection. It was a joy to go through this work. I enjoyed the stories from the students which provided greater depth to the pieces, and I was taken with how many students are progressing to design related courses. But mostly I was hugely impressed with the creativity, variety, and technical skill.  We are very proud of this collection and the way this class has been inspired and developed by our teachers.’

The collection can be viewed here:

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