Shrewsbury Colleges Group is delighted to announce plans to improve campus access, signage, and security at the London Road campus.

During the summer, work will begin on improving the car parking facilities at the London Road campus. The development will include the introduction of entrance and egress barriers, border fencing, improved signage, and new pathways. This investment will mean that the students and users of the London Road campus will have a safer and better experience when using the campus facilities.

The upgrade of the parking facility will also improve traffic management around the campus at peak usage times. This new approach will simplify the parking at the campus and improve access for all users.

The entrance and egress vehicle barriers will be in operation only during college hours. The gates will be open by default after 16:30 to allow public access to this campus and for use of the sporting and educational facilities. The vehicle barriers will operate using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) during college hours.

This investment comes on top of the development of the new Automotive Engineering Training Centre at the London Road campus which will open formally in September. This is set to become a new centre for the teaching of motor vehicle and engineering courses.

The centre will house new purpose-built facilities to enable future training in areas including Automotive Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Engineering.

James Staniforth, Principal of Shrewsbury Colleges Group, said: ‘We’re pleased to be able to make this upgrade to our facility which will greatly enhance the car parking access at the London Road campus for our students as well as users of the other facilities at London Road such as Origins, our highly rated restaurant, London Road Sports Centre and Evolve.’

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