Successful Oxbridge applicants stand outside Priory House

This week the college celebrated the tremendous hard work of our students in achieving offers from Oxford and Cambridge university.

This year, ten students received offers from the universities, with two from Oxford and eight from Cambridge. Students will go on to study a range of subjects, such as Classics, History, Maths, Physics, Natural Sciences, Computer Science, and Music.

Shrewsbury Colleges Group Principal James Staniforth commented: “Our students are so successful with their applications to competitive universities, and especially Cambridge and Oxford because of their commitment and hard-work and because of the additional support the college is able to provide.”

Teachers and support staff at the college work extensively to support all students with their applications to university, helping students with their personal statements, hosting mock interviews, and providing support with the technical side of the individuals’ subject area.  

College student Sam Shakeshaft, who is going to Cambridge to study Computer Science, commented: “There were staff members, teachers especially, who gently pushed me in the direction of applying.

“From there, I joined the OaCSoc society, which is kind of a main hub of where all the resources are and provides opportunities for trips to Oxford and Cambridge.

“After this, the careers advisor, Paul Kelly, and my computer science teacher, helped me with both the general structure and the technical side of my personal statement.”

As the college is one of the largest providers of A Levels in the country, we are able to provide subject specialist support for Oxbridge applicants, covering everything from historiography from Herodotus to Post-modernism for our History and Classic students, to countable infinities for Mathematicians. 

James Staniforth continued: “These extra lessons take our students way beyond the specification and enable them to develop broader knowledge and understanding.  In addition, we support students with the entrance tests, preparing them for the tests and marking practice entrance papers, as well as offering general interview guidance and subject specific practice interviews. 

When the strength of our Oxbridge programme is combined with the passion and diligence of our students there is no wonder, they are so successful.”

In a speech to attendees, Vice Principal Chris Sears said: “It is not an easy process to get an offer from an Oxbridge college.

“We wanted to bring you together firstly to celebrate with you but also to say thank you to the teachers for their support with the process.

“It is fantastic to see the hard work of so many of our students pay off in achieving these offers, and everyone at the college would like to extend their congratulations and best wishes for all their future endeavours.”

The full list of students who were successful in their applications to Oxford or Cambridge are below:

Rachel Allison

Joe Dunn

Izzy Heath

Joseph Llewellyn-Jones

Jossie McKenzie

Sian Mercer

Caleb Richards

Tom Rose

Beth Rugman

Sam Shakeshaft

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