SCG student Liam Daddo-Langlois with anti-spiking lids and bottle stoppers

A student from Shrewsbury Colleges Group has joined forces with a former SCG student to raise funds for purchasing anti-spiking drinks lids to distribute to students at the college.

Current SCG student Liam Daddo-Langlois and ex-student Jamie Turnbull have raised funds through the local Young Labour party to purchase over a thousand anti-spiking lids for bottles and glasses, which are being given out to students at all three of the college campuses.

Liam said: “We’re so very grateful to receive so many selfless donations by people and now we are able to take action with the distribution of anti-spiking lids across all three campuses, as well as at several bars and pubs across Shrewsbury.”

Jamie Turnbull added: “It was amazing to see so many people share the same vision of a safer Shrewsbury for everyone. We thank them for their generosity and hope that, in turn, we can start to change that vision into reality.”

Catherine Armstrong, Group Vice Principal for Curriculum Support and Business Development, said: “We’re delighted that some of the young people from the college have taken proactive steps to raise funds and purchase these lids to help prevent drinks from being spiked.”

“The college provides educational support to our students through tutorials on this topic along with other safety-related subjects, but it is great to see the students supplement this knowledge and advice with practical solutions.”

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