Mystaya Bremaud

Last year, Shrewsbury Colleges Group students embarked on an enrichment project working for national publication VoiceMag.

The project, titled 'Young Reviewers', was ran in collaboration with Shropshire Council Arts Development and saw students work with industry experts to develop their writing and reviewing skills as part of a project with VoiceMag.

VoiceMag is an e-zine and platform for young creatives covering arts, culture, politics, and technology, and is run by the charity Upstart Projects. The publication is comprised of a national network of young journalists and commentators, who produce content aimed at those aged 16–30.

Students produced and published reviews on a variety of topics, such as album and film, local events, and documentaries, all of which you can read here: Posts Tagged: Shropshire Young Reviewers - Voice Magazine

One member of the group, Mystaya Brémaud (pictured), who studies English Literature and Natural Sciences, made such an impression with their writing that they have gone on to be employed by VoiceMag, and are now paid to review cultural activities.

If you would like to read some of Mystaya’s excellent articles, be it an album review, or topical, thought-provoking dialogue around world events, you can do so here: User Profile: Mystaya Brémaud - Voice Magazine

If you yourself are a student, or a young person who would like to contribute to Voice Magazine, then you can find all the information you need here: Get involved - Voice Magazine

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