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The college has today published the following advice and guidance in response to national reports of the increased risk of Scarlet Fever infection.

While this disease mostly affects young children, we are asking all students, staff, and visitors to be aware of the current national situation and to take the appropriate precautions outlined below.

What to do if a student suspects that they may have Scarlet Fever or Strep A

We would encourage students to contact their GP and where advised undertake swabbing if they have suspected symptoms of Streptococcus A or Scarlet Fever.

Students should not come into college if they have Scarlet Fever or Strep A. We request students with Strep A or Scarlet Fever only return to college 24 hours after starting their course of antibiotics and once they feel well enough to attend.

Actions by the college

The college is monitoring absences for any suspected or confirmed cases of Scarlet Fever and/or Strep A amongst the student population. We are already in contact with Shropshire Public Health and will take advice on any cases.

More information will be released in due course if needed.

Best practice for reducing the risk of infection

Students and staff should practice good hand hygiene and wash hands regularly or use the hand sanitiser points which remain available across all campuses.

Good respiratory hygiene is also very important. Dispose properly of any used tissues and cough into the elbow rather than the hand.

If anybody has open cuts and lesions, please cover them as these could be an entry point for infection.

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