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Shrewsbury Colleges Group has released information for parents of Year 1 A Level students.

This information is for parents of Year 1 A Level students ONLY.

Year 1 Assessment Week

We have planned for the first set of formal exam assessments to be held after Easter beginning from the afternoon of Monday 24 April until Friday 28 April. 

There will be a second set of mock exams after another two terms of study (January of year 2) followed by the final A Level exams in May/June of Year 2. There will of course be other tests during the course set by the different subjects your son/daughter studies, but these ‘mock’ exam periods will use the exam suite at English Bridge Campus. These exams will be conducted in the same way as real exams to get your son/daughter used to the surroundings and systems. It also helps them to consolidate and revise their work in sensible chunks as they complete their courses.

These first-year exams will form part of the assessment evidence for teachers to use when deciding on predicted grades for UCAS, but they are not the only predictor. The exams need to be taken seriously and need to prepare for thoroughly but please do not panic if they don’t go as well as hoped for; there will be plenty of time for us to work with your son/daughter in helping them to make improvements if needed.

Please note that there is no study leave for this first period of assessments in Year 1 – students should attend lessons as normal, unless their lesson clashes with an exam, in which case they should attend the exam and then return to lessons when their exam has finished.

Exam Arrangements

 If students have any queries about the content or format of the exams, then please discuss these with their teachers.

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