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Information for students who are carrying on studying with Shrewsbury Colleges Group next year.

For students currently studying a one-year Level 1 or Level 2 course, we want to let you know about the process if you want to study at Shrewsbury Colleges Group again from September 2024 and what you’ll need to do.

There are numerous options that you might be considering, another course at college, an apprenticeship, employment, or self-employment. You also might be in the position of not knowing what you want to do at this stage.

Student options

During March, the teaching team will be reviewing student Progress Grades and speaking to them to discuss their options and ideas for when their current course ends in July.

This will include whether a further year of study at Shrewsbury Colleges Group is appropriate. Students may be considering moving on to the next level within their current study area. Alternatively, they may consider moving to a different subject area entirely.

What will happen next?

Students will be given opportunities to apply for their next course in sessions with their teacher so that they can assist with the login information for the online application process.

Applications for the new course need to be made by Friday 29 March.

Important Additional Information

Please note that when applying for a course, students CANNOT use their college email address. Some students may already have an online application account from last year. Teachers will advise if students have an account and what the username is for the account. Please use this account ONLY.

Careers Evening

Our annual careers evening will be held at English Bridge Campus on Thursday 21 March, 5-7pm. This is a great opportunity for students and parents to explore career paths and meet local employers. Details of how to book will be promoted through tutorials and the Agency Careers newsletter.

Any questions?

If students have any questions about the details above, they should contact their teacher or progression specialist.

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