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Important information for Year 2 A Level students about their exams.

As we arrive at Easter there will be just over six weeks remaining before the first GCSE* exam takes place, and it is essential for students to attend all lessons to maximise their chances of success.

Exam dates are as follows and it is important for students to attend all exams for the GCSE(s) subject they are studying.

*Note, this information is only for the English/maths GCSE courses, NOT Functional Skills

For those studying GCSE* English the exam dates are:

  • Paper 1 - Thursday 23 May
  • Paper 2 - Thursday 6 June

For those studying GCSE* Maths the exam dates are:

  • Paper 1 - Thursday 16 May (non-calculator exam)
  • Paper 2 - Monday 3 June (calculator exam)
  • Paper 3 - Monday 10 June (calculator exam)

 Students should arrive promptly, with their Student ID, black biros, and any other exam equipment, at 8.50am. These are National exams and are only available on these dates and start times, which are firmly fixed.

Resources are provided in class so you can complete further revision at home. The college TEAMs link will be familiar to students too. Please also further down in this post for a list of additional online resources.

We are encouraging students to revise and practise skills as much as possible outside of their timetabled lesson. Before the February half-term break students completed mock papers. This helped practise exam techniques, including timings, and to identify topics that needed refreshing or revising, along with gaps in previous learning. From this, students, supported by teaching staff, have identified target topics to practise and revise.

Important for GCSE maths students.  If they haven’t already done so, buying, or borrowing a scientific calculator for use in this final term is crucial. Regular use will allow maths students to become familiar with the essential tool that is vital for papers 2 & 3. The model most familiar to them is Casio FX85GTX. If this is not available, please opt for a similar model.

Experience confirms that good attendance, regular revision, and a sustained, level-headed approach to work is essential in the run up to exams. A little and often approach is more useful than last minute cramming. Following this approach will ensure that students are fully prepared and able to work to their full potential in lessons and the exams. 

Please follow this advice so that students can make the very best of the opportunity to gain these valuable qualifications.  

For their further information, following are some useful links and resources. 

Here are resources that students may find useful:

Revision Sessions

GCSE English Revision Every Wednesday 12.00-14.00 B26 Belinda
GCSE maths Revision Every Monday 12.15-13.00 B14 Rowan 
GCSE maths Revision Every Wednesday 12.15-13.00 B22 Kate 
GCSE maths Revision Every Friday 12.15-13.00 B23 Ramona

For both English and maths



Useful websites (Maths GCSE):

 Video Tutorials and practice questions:

Past papers and predicted papers:

Junior Challenges - UKMT

For a QR code revision poster that will link to YouTube clips for practise and revision use
"qr_poster_foundation.pdf" typed into an internet search.

Useful YouTube link for (English GCSE):   

Type a search into YouTube for
Mr Bruff paper 1
Mr Bruff paper 2 

AQA English Language Paper 1 Question 1 (updated & animated) - YouTube

AQA English Language Paper 2 Question 1 (updated & animated) – YouTube


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