Welsh bridge campus exterior

We would like to inform you of the planned changes and improvements to Welsh Bridge Campus. These works begin during the May half term.

This work will result in a new modern Learning Resource Centre similar to the updated LRC at the English Bridge Campus. In addition, the classrooms in the Quarry Building will be upgraded and improved for September 2024.

These changes affect the Quarry Building and Priory Hall for the second half of this term. This means some classroom changes for Yr1 students when they return from the May half term. Classroom updates will be available via timetables on MySCG.

A temporary LRC will be created in Priory Hall and P110. Students will also be able to use the LRC at the English Bridge Campus. Student support staff previously based in the Quarry Building will also be relocated for this period.

Terri Jones will be based in H12, located in Priory House, and she will be joined by Nichola Mannering each Tuesday.

Paul Kelly will be based in H17, located in Priory House and Saskia Warren will be based in P110.

After the half term break contractors will be starting work in the Quarry Building and the Quarry Building will be separated from the rest of the campus by fencing. Staff and students will not be permitted to enter this area. The new LRC will be completed during the summer break.

Students in Yr2 sitting exams will be unaffected as their exams will be taking place at the English Bridge Campus. Any revision lessons will continue to run as planned and your teachers will confirm the room where these will take place with each group.

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