One of our Alumni has taken a big step in their Performing Arts career.


Shrewsbury Colleges Group's Alumni, Tom Canavan has started his journey with The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, with Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. They will be returning to Shropshire on their national tour, with dates in Shrewsbury. 

Tuesday 30 July to Wednesday 31 July, they will be performing at Shrewsbury Castle in an open air performance starting at 7pm. Tickets are still available to book if you wanted to go and watch this outstanding performance: Shrewsbury Castle | The Lord Chamberlain's Men (


What are you most looking forward to with the tour and coming back to Shrewsbury?

Tom states: “Being able to come back to the place I grew up with a play is a real privilege. The first ever Shakespeare monologue I learnt was in the theatre at college, and funnily enough was actually from Hamlet, so coming back with that same play feels like a full circle moment. Since I was 4 I have been on stage in Shrewsbury, as a member of many of the local amateur groups, and with College, so being able to come back as part of this tour will be really nostalgic. My parents, grandparents and many of my friends live in Shrewsbury, so having them all there supporting will be incredibly special.”

What advice do you have for people/students wanting to follow you/“be in your shoes?”

“My advice for anyone wanting to go to drama school, or wanting to become an actor is just to push for it, as hard as you can. I think it requires a great deal of grit and determination. Accepting rejection is a huge part of being an actor and is really important too, the majority of auditions you go for, you won’t get, and that’s ok! Be nice to people, stay humble and be proud of your work!”


Andy Pierce, one of our Performing Art's teachers said: " Tom was always driven and committed as a student, developing his skills and knowledge to a level that saw him successfully gain a place at the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre school. Since graduating he has performed in China and is now embarking on a tour with The Lord Chamberlain's men.  He has visited college on a number of occasions and is happy to speak to our current students when time and scheduling allows. I am delighted to see the blossoming of Tom's career - and doubly so as it sees him returning to Shrewsbury to perform.”


Good luck with your career Tom and Congratulations! 


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