Important Updates

  • Assessment Week information for families of first year A Level students

    We’ve got some information for parents of Year 1 A Level students regarding the Assessment Week that takes place between the afternoon of Monday 15 April and Friday 19 April.


It is our intention for parents of current students to be able to access any generic documents that have been sent home, either by email or via students.

If we’ve missed anything please contact Jess Gale at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Absence Reporting

You can report absences by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - remember to include both the student's name and if possible their student ID number.

Absences should be reported each day, preferably before 10am.

The college reports student absences from lessons via a text messaging system, which is designed to inform you if your son or daughter misses any college commitments. An automated text will be sent to your agreed mobile number after 1pm on any day where a commitment has been missed that morning and also 6pm when a commitment has been missed that afternoon (if we have not received contact from you before the lesson begins to explain the absence.)

You are welcome to contact the college, following receipt of a text, where routine information, e.g. which lesson/s your son or daughter was absent from, can be provided by the student's Personal Tutor.

Who should you contact?

If you have any concerns regarding your son/daughter’s progress at college, please contact their Progression Specialist (for students following vocational study programmes) or Student Support Tutor (for students following academic study programmes).

Emails from Shrewsbury Colleges Group and ProPortal

Due to the way that many mail providers operate, it is possible that emails received from the college and ProPortal will be automatically filed in your junk/spam/clutter folders. Therefore, we ask that you check those folders for updates from the, or addresses. If this is happening, you will need to take appropriate action so that your mail provider treats the,, or ProPortal address as 'safe' and not 'junk' mail. Should you wish to be removed from our mailing lists, please be aware that you will receive no communications at all, including absence texts. Should this be something you wish to instigate, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

College Closure

If the college is closed unexpectedly due to severe weather or any other incident, a notification will be made via Radio Shropshire, the college website, the college MYSCG app, ProPortal, Moodle and social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) if appropriate.

Contact Details

It is vital that the college has up-to-date contact details for the students and their primary contacts. If you have changed your address, telephone number, email address or mobile number please contact the college to inform us.

Parent/Carer Consent Form

Students need to ensure that the parent/carer consent form has been completed by their parents/carers ahead of the start of term.

This form provides permission information for students to attend day/residential trips (if applicable for the course), permission for students to complete work experience and placements, as well as other types of work-related activities.