General questions

Q. When will the new system be going live?
A. The cashless system will live from the start of the new term from September 2021. Money can be uploaded onto the card from the beginning of August for students returning to college in September. Students starting college in September will be able to activate their accounts once they receive their student ID badges at their enrolment appointment or their first day in college.

Q. What happens if I have forgotten my ID badge and don’t have it with me?
A. You will be issued with a temporary card via Reception, but funds will not transfer onto the temporary card. Meals and drinks will need to be paid for by alternative methods.

Q. What happens if I have lost my ID badge
A. A new card will be issued and the meal balance will be transferred onto the new ID card once it is issued.

Q. Can I still pay for trips and resources online?
A. Yes. Individual trips or other resources will be itemised for you to purchase e.g. Art resource packs.

Q. I’m starting college in September, what do I need to do?
A. Once you have enrolled on your course you will be sent an email to your student college email address with details about how to create your account for REMsPay and how to credit that account for use in the Hub/café outlets and pay for other trips or other resources e.g. trips

ParentPay (the legacy online payment system)

Q. What is happening with ParentPay?
A. ParentPay is being replaced with REMSPay.

Q. I/My parents/carers still have money on the ParentPay account, what will happen to that?
A. You will need to request a refund through your existing ParentPay account. Parents/Students should contact the Finance team at SCG if unclear as to how to do this. The Finance team can be contacted on 01743 342397.

Uploading payments onto the card

Q. How can I upload money onto the card?
A. You can ‘top up’ your card either online – a link will be available from and ProPortal (student information system) and Moodle.

Q. I get free college meals, how does this work for me?
A. Students in receipt of a bursary will have college meal allowances (£3.20/day) automatically allocated to their REMsPay account.

Q. How do I use REMsPay?
A. There is a full guide on how to set up, make payments, check your account balance, and see what payments are due.