Alongside your studies, we want you to have the chance to improve your health, develop new skills and make new friends. We believe these things will help make college a better experience for you. Enrichment includes competitive sports teams, enrichment sports and clubs and societies.

Sport & Recreational Activities

We have a range of teams and different activities for you to try which are also available throughout the week, including:

  • The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
  • Enrichment sports include rowing, basketball, squash, badminton, table tennis, archery, the Tennis Academy and rock climbing
  • Enrichment physical activities including the use of the Fitness Suite, circuit training, aerobics, contemporary dance, street dance and Zumba
  • Community volunteering
  • National Citizen Service

Competitive Sports

The Shrewsbury Colleges Group Sports Academy programme is a great opportunity to try out new sports over the three campuses and to meet new people. Students play every Wednesday, representing Shrewsbury Colleges Group in the following categories:

  • Football - male and female teams
  • Rugby - male and female teams
  • Hockey - male and female teams
  • Volleyball - mixed
  • Netball Enrichment sports

Clubs and societies

Joining a society or club while you’re studying at SCG is the perfect way to meet fellow students who share similar interests. Students often start their own groups to support their interests and the Student Union Executive welcomes all new suggestions and ideas and they can help get a new activity off the ground. Existing clubs and societies include:

The Cultural Society

A student-led group for anyone who is interested in taking part in discussions about different cultures, traditions, and experiences. Students can plan activities, and events and share ideas while learning from others, in a relaxed friendly environment.

The Environmental Group

A student-led group for anyone who has an interest in making a difference to the environment. Come together to share ideas, organise events and activities and encourage others to do the same.

Pride Group

A student-led group providing an environment for students to discuss LGBTQ+ topics and issues, share ideas with one another and plan events and activities throughout the year.

Debate Club

This student-led group is for anyone interested in debating. No previous experience is needed, just an interest in taking part in a good debate. The club encourages debate and discussion on a wide range of educational and topical issues, improving communication skills and ability to think quickly as well as challenging existing views and opening up new ideas and arguments.

Dungeons and Dragons Group

If you have seen Dungeons and Dragons (D&D for short) on TV shows such as Stranger Things and wondered what it is all about, here’s your chance to find out! D&D is a fantasy role-playing game, set in medieval times where you play with other students to complete quests and battle monsters. No experience is needed as the rules will be explained. Everyone is welcome!

College Magazine

The college magazine Sixth Sense uses contributions from students, who share their views and beliefs through news articles, poems and reviews. Sixth Sense is not just written content, as photography, quizzes and comic strips are also used to comment on areas such as politics, the environment, global news and local news.

The Lunchtime Games Club

This is a relaxing place to eat your lunch whilst enjoying playing a board game of your choice, getting to know people from different courses and finding out what is happening in college.

Table Tennis Club

Whether you’re new to table tennis or have been playing for years you will find our club a lot of fun and good exercise, plus it gets the blood pumping after the weekend, ready for a week of study. The club runs once a week for one hour in our sports hall and we have five tables and plenty of paddles and ping pong balls!

Instrumental and Vocal Tuition

Shropshire Music Service offers very competitive fees for lessons to SCG students and we fully support their mission to offer the highest quality of music education in Shropshire. SMS also offers its own bursary scheme which supplements individual lessons by 10 minutes for instrumentalists or vocalists who are already performing at Grade 5 or above or who are part of a Shropshire Music Service ensemble. Tuition can be delivered either at college or if using Shropshire Music Service at Longmeadow Primary School, Bayston Hill. There is a further bursary scheme for those students who chose to study A Level Music.

To participate in this scheme please contact Shropshire Music Service directly on 01743 874145 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will need to provide evidence of being an SCG student (ID badge or enrolment paperwork).

See more information about Shropshire Music Service here.