We want to make travel as easy as possible for our students and you may be eligible for help with travel costs. Please contact Student Services for more information or see the Student Finance page. Alternatively, you can use Traveline.

There are a number of different transport options available depending on where you live:

Transport Assistance – Shropshire Council

Shropshire Council provides help with transport to College if all the following apply:

  • You are aged under 19
  • You currently live in Shropshire
  • The College is the designated post-16 provider/college for where you live and
  • You live 3 or more miles away from College.

If you meet the above criteria, a contribution of £875 per academic year (or 3 termly instalments of £295), towards the cost of transport, is payable unless you are on defined benefits (e.g. families on Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Free School meals or Child Tax Credits where the current income is less than £16,190) in which case a contribution of £280 per academic year is charged. Prices are based on 19/20 and may be subject to change.

You can choose to pay termly or annually. The travel pass will be issued once the contribution has been paid and can be collected from Student Services.

How to apply for Post-16 Transport Assistance through Shropshire Council

  • Complete an application form, available from Student Services or the Council
  • Online at www.shropshire.gov.uk 
  • Over the phone by calling 0345 678 9006.

In some cases it may be better value to purchase season tickets directly from your local transport operator, rather than contributing via the Council’s post-16 Contribution Scheme. We would therefore recommend that before making a payment to the Council’s post-16 contribution scheme, you check that this is the most cost effective method of purchasing season tickets.

What happens if the Council declines my application?

  • You can apply to the College’s 16-19 Bursary Fund for a contribution to your transport costs if your gross household income is below £26,000. Please enquire at Student Services for more information. Application forms for the Bursary Fund will be available from Student Services and on the Student Finance page
  • You can apply to Arriva Bus Midlands, Transport for Wales Rail Services or your local transport provider for a Student Season Ticket.

Please note that if you reside in Telford & Wrekin or Powys, you will need to contact their Transport Department if you think you are eligible for Transport Assistance.

Arriva Bus Midlands – Student Saver Scheme

Students can buy a Student Saver ticket lasting for a term or full academic year. You will be eligible for unlimited bus travel across the Midlands 7 days a week including evenings and weekends. The cost is as follows:

  • West Midlands Annual Student Saver - £555
  • West Midlands Academic Year Student Saver - £535
  • West Midlands Autumn Term Student Saver - £230
  • West Midlands Spring Term Student Saver - £180
  • West Midlands Summer Term Student Saver - £180

Please note the above prices are subject to change.

To apply, please visit www.arrivabus.co.uk. Arriva have developed a brand new m ticket app with great new features making it easier for students to pay for and download their ticket on the go. Please contact Arriva Midlands for more information.

Public Arriva Bus services

 Route  Bus
Oswestry to Shrewsbury / Shrewsbury to Oswestry  70
Telford to Shrewsbury / Shrewsbury to Telford  X4 & X5
Shrewsbury Bus Station to Sutton Farm / Sutton Farm to Shrewsbury Bus Station  8

Timetables and more information is available here.

Transport for Wales Rail Services

Educational Season Ticket Scheme

This scheme offers discounted rail tickets for students in full-time education. Ordinarily a student becomes eligible for a full adult rate at the age of 16. However, on this scheme it is extended to the age of 18, so the student will still qualify for the child rate (55% off the adult rate) until they’re 18. Once the student turns 18, they would still be able to get 5% off the adult rate. Only train passes ordered before the start of term will qualify for the discount. Any train passes ordered after the start of term will be charged at the full adult rate.

The season ticket entitles you to unlimited travel on the route specified seven days a week, including evenings and weekends term time only.

You have to apply to this scheme through College – please download an application from the College website and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To ensure your pass is ready for collection at enrolment, you will need to pay a £20 non – refundable deposit by Thursday 23rd July 2020. Please pay for your deposit here.

There are two payment options (a list of the prices are available here):

You will be able to pay the outstanding amount either on ParentPay during the summer holidays or by contactless card upon collection of the train pass.

College will notify you at the end of the Autumn and Spring terms about the renewal of the termly train pass. Please make sure you provide us with a current email address.

If you lose your pass, you can order one duplicate per year (12 months) for a £10.00 administration fee. Any further losses will be charged at the full rate. If the season ticket needs to be replaced because it is faulty (e.g. not working at the station barriers), then this will be replaced free of charge by the local ticket office. Please note: Students are required to travel with both their photo ID card and ticket at all times. There may be penalty for ticket evasion if Transport for Wales rules are not adhered to.

If you decide to leave College mid-term or before the end of the academic year, it is your responsibility to return the pass to Student Services at Welsh Bridge Campus if any refund is required. The amount due will be refunded once it has been received from Transport for Wales Rail Services.

This scheme is subject to change in 2020, please check with Student Services for the latest information.

College Subsidised Bus Travel

The College offers six subsidised bus routes from Whitchurch, Telford, Powys, Ludlow, Oswestry and Bridgnorth. The cost is £645 for the academic year or £225 per term. The bus routes operate at set times, arriving for the start of the College day and departing following the last lesson of the day.

Further details of the bus stops and the application form can be found below. You will be able to make payment via ParentPay from the 13 September and students will be able to use the bus service up until this date by showing their college ID. Once payment has been received a termly bus pass will be issued. If demand for these services are low, Student Services will help find alternative routes to College.

Students are required to travel with their ID badge and bus pass issued by Student Services.


College Bus Ludlow Route (Caradoc)

Due to the temporary Shrewsbury Town Centre layout the Ludlow bus route will not be operating to or from Welsh Bridge Campus. Schedule to other campuses:

  • Arriving at 8.30am London Road Campus and 8.35am English Bridge Campus (The Abbey).
  • Leaving at 4.30pm English Bridge Campus (The Abbey) and 4.35pm London Road Campus.


  • Bridgnorth Route Information

    FROM Bridgnorth (morning)

    FROM Shrewsbury (afternoon)

    07.40 Innage Lane Car Park

    16.25 Barker Street - By Welsh Bridge Campus

    07.45 Top of Tasley Bank

    16.30 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    07.50 Morville Bus Stop

    16.35 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    08.00 Much Wenlock - Gaskell Arms

    16.55 Cross Houses Bus Stop

    08.08 Cressage - Junction Severn Way A458

    17.02 Cressage - Junction Severn Way A458

    08.12 Cross Houses Bus stop

    17:10 Much Wenlock - Gaskell Arms

    08:25 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    17:20 Morville Bus Stop

    08:40 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    17:25 Top of Tasley Bank

    08:45 Barker Street - By Welsh Bridge Campus

    17:30 Innage Lane Car Park


  • Ludlow & Craven Arms Route Information

    FROM Ludlow (morning)

    FROM Shrewsbury (afternoon)

    07:35 Ludlow - The Compasses

    16:20 Barker Street - By Welsh Bridge Campus

    07:38 The Burway - By school

    16:30 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    07:40 Bromfield - Opposite Clive Arms

    16:35 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    07:50 Craven Arms - Tuffins

    16:50 Bayston Hill - Opposite the Compasses

    08:00 Church Stretton - Petrol Station

    17:00 Dorrington - The Horseshoes

    08:05 Leebotwood - Opposite The Pound Inn

    17:05 Leebotwood - Opposite The Pound Inn

    08:10 Dorrington - The Horseshoes

    17:10 Church Stretton - Petrol Station

    08:15 Bayston Hill - Opposite The Compasses

    17:20 Craven Arms - Tuffins

    08:30 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    17:25 Bromfield - Opposite Clive Arms

    08:35 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    17:28 The Burway - By School

    08:40 Barker Street - By Welsh Bridge Campus

    17:30 Ludlow - The Compasses

  • Oswestry Route Information

    07.15 St Martin's - Stans Shop

    16.40 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    07.20 Gobowen Roundabout

    16:45 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    07.25 Whittington Three Trees

    16:48 Barker Street - By Welsh Bridge Campus

    07.35 Oswestry Coach Station

    16:50 Shrewsbury Railway Station

    07.40 Oswestry Highwayman

    16:55 Ellesmere Road

    07.52 Queens Head

    17:05 Bomere Heath

    07.55 West Felton

    17:15 Baschurch

    08.00 Ruyton XI Towns

    17:20 Ruyton XI Towns

    08.05 Baschurch

    17:25 West Felton

    08.15 Bomere Heath

    17:28 Queens Head

    08.25 Ellesmere Road

    17:40 Oswestry Highwayman

    08.30 Shrewsbury Railway Station

    17:45 Oswestry Coach Station

    08.35 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    17:50 Whittington Three Trees

    08.40 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    17:55 Gobowen Roundabout


    18:00 St Martin's - Stans Shop

  • Powys Route Information

    FROM Powys (morning)

    FROM Shrewsbury (afternoon)

    06.40 Llanidloes - The Grove

    16.10 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    06.50 Caersws - The Buck

    16.15 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    07.10 Newtown - Main Bus Station

    16.30 Frankwell - Outside Majestic Wine

    07.20 Abermule - Post Office

    16.55 Knockin - By the shop

    07.30 Berriew - The Lion

    17.15 Llanymynech Bus Stop

    07.40 Welshpool - The Old Cinema

    17.20 Four Crosses - Memorial

    07.50 Arddleen - Main Road

    17.40 Arddleen - Main Road

    07.55 Four Crosses - Memorial

    17.45 Welshpool - The Old Cinema

    08.05 Llanymynech Bus Stop

    17.50 Berriew - The Lion

    08.15 Knockin - Opposite shop

    18.00 Abermule - Post Office

    08.35 Frankwell - Outside Majestic Wine

    18.10 Newtown - Main Bus Station

    08.45 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    18.20 Caersws - The Buck

    08.55 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    18.30 Llanidloes - The Groe

  • Telford Route Information

    FROM Telford (morning)

    FROM Shrewsbury (afternoon)

    07:30 Telford Bus Station - Stand M

    16:20 Barker Street - By Welsh Bridge Campus

    07:45 The Parade, Donnington

    16:25 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    08:00 Wellington Bus Station - Stand B

    16:30 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    08:25 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    17:05 Wellington Bus Station

    08:35 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    17:25 The Parade Donnington

    08:40 Barker Street - By Welsh Bridge Campus

    17:35 Telford Bus Station

  • Whitchurch Route Information

    FROM Whitchurch (morning)

    FROM Shrewsbury (afternoon)

    06:55 Welshampton - Village Hall

    16:20 Barker Street - By Welsh Bridge Campus

    07:10 Whitchurch - Bus Station by Tesco

    16:30 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    07:15 Higher Heath - End of Twemlows Avenue

    16:35 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    07:30 Market Drayton - Bus Station

    16:55 Battlefield  

    07:40 Wollerton - The Old Squirrel Pub

    17:05 Shawbury

    07:45 Hodnet - Bus stop near The Bear

    17:15 Hodnet

    07:55 Shawbury - Bus stop by Garage on A53

    17:20 Wollerton

    08:05 Battlefield - Opposite Red Lion

    17:30 Market Drayton - Bus Station

    08:25 London Road - Opposite London Road Campus

    17:45 Higher Heath - End of Twemlows Avenue

    08:30 The Abbey Bus Stop - By English Bridge Campus

    17:50 Whitchurch Bus Station by Tesco

    08:40 Barker Street - By Welsh Bridge Campus

    18:05 Welshampton - Village Hall


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Bus Travel from Wales

Mytravelpass is a discounted travel scheme funded by Welsh Government providing those aged 16, 17 and 18 who live in Wales with 1/3 off bus travel. The card is free of charge.
You can use Mytravelpass on all buses in Wales including the TrawsCymru services. You cannot use Mytravelpass on trains or National Express or Megabus services. If you live in Wales and board the bus in Wales, you can use this pass to travel to Shrewsbury.

You can use Mytravelpass at any time of day and on any day of the week including holidays.

You can apply for Mytravelpass online. You can also apply by calling 0300 200 22 33 and for a paper application form which you can return to them Freepost.

PLUSBUS - Shrewsbury and Telford & Wellington (including Ironbridge)

PLUSBUS is a bus pass that you buy with your train ticket at any National Rail station ticket office or online. PLUSBUS gives you unlimited bus travel (on most or all services) around your chosen town. Use it to start your journey (to get to a train station) or to complete your journey (from station to your final destination). There are no peak period restrictions, so you can hop on and off buses at any time of the day. For more information and to apply, please visit the PLUSBUS website.

Shrewsbury Park and Ride Services

Park & Ride in Shrewsbury operates from three sites:

  • Oxon Business Park
  • Meole Brace Retail Park
  • Harlescott, near Tesco

Students of Shrewsbury Colleges Group are eligible for a 50% discount, Monday to Friday, during term time. The return fare is currently 80p for students aged 16 or over on production of a valid student identification card. You don’t need to have a car to qualify for the Park and Ride Services. More information is available here.

Saver Schemes (may be subject to change)

Boultons of Shropshire
Services operate from Cardington to Shrewsbury via Church Stretton
01694 771226 | www.boultonsofshropshire.co.uk
A termly pass. The price depends on where the student is boarding as the price of the pass is calculated on the daily fare with a 10% discount for advance payment.

Tanat Valley
Services operate in Oswestry, Welshpool, Newtown and Shrewsbury areas
01691 780212 | www.tanat.co.uk
A 10 Journey Ticket which costs 7 times the Adult Single Fare but gives 10 journeys in any direction between two named places. The ticket is valid for a calendar month from the day of issue and is especially helpful to students who do not attend every day of the week. This is a better discount than normal season tickets which gives 10% discount on the standard return fare. The actual price of these tickets depends entirely on where students are travelling from and to and are only valid on their services.

Celtic Travel
Services operate from Welsh Border areas
01686 412231 | www.celtic-travel.co.uk
A 10 day ticket which gives 10 journeys for the price of 7. The cost of this depends on where the students will be catching the bus. The other option is a Day Rover ticket which is currently £8.

Minsterley Motors
Services operate from Ludlow, Pontesbury and Bishop's Castle
01743 791208 | www.minsterleymotors.co.uk
For those students that are travelling from Bishop’s Castle and are not eligible through the Shropshire Council Post 16 Transport Scheme, Shrewsbury Colleges Group are pleased to be able to offer a Minsterly Motors subsidised bus pass for £295 per term, normally £530 per term. Please fill out this application form or contact Student Services for more information.

Services operate from Ellesmere and Market Drayton
Ellesmere: 01691 622761 Market Drayton: 01630 685706 | www.lakesidecoaches.co.uk
Bus passes are produced on site.

  • Weekly = £15.00
  • Termly = £200.00
  • Annually = £520.00

Travel by Bike

Shrewsbury Colleges Group is very well served by cycle routes from many parts of the town. Shrewsbury has been a Cycling Demonstration Town since 2008 and there are many off-road and quiet residential road routes. The Shropshire’s Great Outdoors website details all of the cycle/walking routes in the area.

The College’s postcodes are SY1 1RX for Welsh Bridge Campus, SY2 6AA for English Bridge Campus and SY2 6PR for London Road Campus.

There is storage for bikes at all College campuses and students and staff are invited to make use of these facilities. Bicycles should be securely padlocked and are brought to College at your own risk. We suggest they are insured under your household policy.

Car Parking

There is no Student Parking available at the English Bridge or Welsh Bridge Campuses. Visitors using car parks at any of our campuses should sign in via Reception.

Students who wish to park at London Road Campus will need to purchase and display a parking permit available from Reception. Permits cost £15 and are valid for the whole academic year. Students will need to purchase a new permit for each academic year. For short courses of up to six weeks in duration, a free temporary permit can be obtained from Reception. Students attending courses starting after 5.00 pm do not require a permit.

Parking attendants at London Road Campus check that all vehicles have displayed permits and that visitors have signed in at Reception. A parking fine of £60 will be issued for any vehicles not displaying a valid permit or, for visitors who have not signed in at Reception.

If you are issued with a parking ticket and you wish to appeal, please request a Parking Charge Notification Internal Appeal form at Reception. Appeals will be considered and the outcome normally communicated within 14 days.

Useful websites

If you have any queries about travelling to College that are not answered by the information on this page, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..