London Road Campus

Exam information providing clarity regarding the approach to student illness on the day of an exam.

London Road Campus

This year, eleven students from the college took part in the annual Senior Physics Challenge, a nationwide competition organised by the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Isaac Physics.

Aquila Air Traffic Management trainees

SCG is delighted to announce that the first cohort of Aquila Air Traffic Management Services students has completed their qualifications in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

London Road Campus

Shrewsbury Colleges Group has made the following further statement concerning the security threat incident on Thursday 5 May.

Student nurse at medicine trolley

The National Health Service and the caring professions have rightly been heavily featured in the media over the last two years. Their work on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 has been widely praised and lauded. Shrewsbury Colleges Group is launching an exciting new pathway which will enable school leavers to study a two-year Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care on a Nursing Pathway.

English Bridge Campus

Shrewsbury Colleges Group has made the following statement concerning the incident on Thursday 5 May.

Hospitality & Catering student Mark Lopez in Origins restaurant

Mark Lopez, 18, and Amelia Brewis, 17, are the latest SCG Hospitality & Catering students to find work in top establishments, securing jobs at a four-star hotel and a Michelin Plate restaurant respectively.

SCG Plumbing Apprentice Charlie Oliver at London Road Campus

This week, Charlie Oliver, a Plumbing Apprentice training with Shrewsbury Colleges Group, is competing against five of the most highly skilled young plumbers in the country for the prestigious title of HIP Magazine’s Learner of the Year.

Outdoor Activities students on a mountaintop in the snow

In February 2022, the Outdoor Activities staff took a group of 22 students up to the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland to enhance their skills as adventurers, putting the students to the test in the snow-covered wilderness.

Shrewsbury Colleges Group’s Women’s Rugby team playing a match in the Rosslyn Park Sevens tournament

On Friday 25 March, SCG’s Women’s Rugby team competed in the Rosslyn Park Sevens, the largest rugby tournament for schools in the world.

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