Chemical scientists analyse and research physical aspects of chemical structure and change within substances and develop chemical techniques used in the manufacture or modification of natural substances and processed products.


  • Develops experimental procedures, instruments and recording and testing systems
  • Conducts experiments to identify chemical composition, energy and chemical changes in natural substances and processed materials
  • Analyses results and experimental data
  • Tests techniques and processes for reliability under a variety of conditions
  • Develops procedures for quality control of manufactured products.

Entry Requirements

Entrants usually possess a degree. Entry may also be possible with an appropriate BTEC/SQA award, an Advanced GNVQ/GSVQ Level III, or other academic qualifications. Further specialist training is provided on the job. Some employers may expect entrants to gain professional qualifications.

What could I earn?

Salaries for this occupation tend to start at £32,000 per annum and can progress up to £41,000 per annum.

Is it in growth or decline?

There are currently 3,964 employed Chemical Scientists in the region.

Current Vacancies

Analytical Chemist
/ SRG / 2 Jun 2023
Chemical Analyst
/ SRG / 2 Jun 2023
European Sales Manager
/ SRG / 2 Jun 2023
PhD Research Chemist
/ SRG / 2 Jun 2023
Technical Coordinator
/ Keele University / 2 Jun 2023