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Mode of study Academic A Level
Duration 2 Years
Campus Welsh Bridge Campus
Start date September 2021
Course code MST-AL (2123)

  • Entry Requirements

    A minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including English Language and Maths at grade 5 or above.

  • What does the course involve?

    Statistics have a pervasive effect on the world around us being an essential tool in a wide range of contexts such as: modelling the spread of epidemics, calculating the chance of inheriting genetic conditions, determining the success or failure of medical trials, predicting weather patterns, calculating insurance premiums, informing political marketing campaigns, assessing quality control in manufacturing, forecasting economic patterns in the stock market, and the list goes on... You could argue that our society would not function without its statisticians!

    A Level Statistics builds on, and vastly extends, the work on data analysis covered in GCSE Mathematics. The course focuses on using and interpreting data in real-world contexts. The emphasis is on drawing conclusions using a wide variety of statistical techniques including estimation, probability models and hypothesis testing.

    Statistics will appeal to those who want to study a numerate subject but who don’t want to study lots of algebra and pure maths. It develops an understanding of statistical models and techniques which can be applied to realistic contexts and is particularly useful for supporting study in Biology, Geography and Psychology.

  • How is the course assessed?

    Three two hour papers at the end of two years: data and probability, statistical inference and statistics in practice.

  • Additional Notes

    Statisticians are in demand in all sectors of society ranging from medical research and healthcare to government business and industry. As such, Statistics A Level would be particularly useful to support degrees in Medicine, Biology, Psychology, Sociology and Geography.

  • Further Information

    Students applying for medicine can access support in preparing for medical admissions tests which are organised by The Agency at College.

  • What do I do next?

    You can apply online via the APPLY NOW button and then add an additional 2 or 3 subjects to make up your academic programme. You can also apply for a second, alternative programme of study on the application page. If after reading this factsheet, you are still undecided about the course most suitable for you, please drop in to one of our Open Evenings, ring Admissions on 01743 260401 or email:

Harry Hooper

Harry Hooper

A Level Statistics (Biology, Psychology)
Previous school: Charlton School

I came to SCG because there were more course options and they were the only College in the area who did Statistics A Level. I find Statistics a really interesting subject and I appreciate how it can be applied to everyday-life. After my studies I would like to get an Apprenticeship in banking. I have enjoyed having the chance to analyse data from the internet, it is realistic and great practice for my future career.

NHS 200x200

This course is linked to roles within the NHS.

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