You can report absences by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - remember to include both the student's name and if possible their student ID number.

Absences should be reported each day, preferably before 10am.

The College’s reporting response to student absence from lessons is via a text messaging system, which is designed to inform you if your son or daughter misses any College commitments. An automated text will be sent to your agreed mobile number after 1pm on any day where a commitment has been missed that morning and also 6pm when a commitment has been missed that afternoon (if we have not received contact from you before the lesson begins to explain the absence.)

You are welcome to contact the College, following receipt of a text, where routine information, e.g. which lesson/s your son or daughter was absent from, can be provided by the student's Personal Tutor.

Absences due to COVID

We are currently receiving a very significant number of absence emails stating a student is self-isolating, but no other information. To ensure that the nature of your absence is correctly recorded, communicated to your teachers, and accurately reflects your self-isolation period, we need you to provide the following information if you are self-isolating due to COVID.

Additional information required

Please could you provide the following information should an absence be COVID related:

  1. If you have a positive LFT or PCR result, what date did you start having symptoms (if any)?
  2. What type of test have you had and on what date (LFT, PCR or both – if both please provide both dates.)
  3. Please confirm the date for the end of your isolation period notified by NHS Test and Trace
  4. If you have not had a positive LFT or PCR test, please clarify why you are self-isolating

If you are unable to provide these details, please provide your contact number when emailing an absence so that we can call you to clarify your circumstances and to support you.

Your help and support in this matter would be greatly appreciated as it will allow us to accurately reflect the reason for your absence and will prevent requests for further information.