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Free maths and numeracy courses for adults

Boost your confidence to use maths in your daily life, at home and at work.

Multiply offers FREE numeracy courses to help you brush up your maths skills and help you become more confident with numbers, whether you need help in managing your bills, budgeting or you want to improve your potential at work. To qualify you must be aged 19+, a resident in Shropshire and not already have a GCSE at grade C (or equivalent) in maths.

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Support your child with their maths homework

For parents who would love to help their child with maths but are unsure how to go about it. Designed to empower you to support your child’s learning, making it easier to help them with their homework.

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Getting to grips with numbers

This course will provide a gentle introduction to numeracy skills and help you develop your confidence for further learning. Covers using numbers, measures, and handling information and data.

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Manage your Money

Learn how to manage your money, from daily expenditures, monthly commitments, loans and other finances that could make a real impact on household budgets.

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Numeracy Upskill for ESOL Adults

For parents where English is not their first language, offering a chance to explore your knowledge of maths and develop your confidence in using numeracy, together with your child.

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